Sunday, November 16, 2008

We have a...

bun in the oven!! I'm due the first week of June. It's a little overwhelming to think of me as a mom of four but we are still excited for baby "D". If you have any great "D" names let us know. (We don't care boy or girl, I stole the picture from a friend...thanks Laura!)

Friday, November 14, 2008

We had a few days off of school and decided to take a trip to the Wild Animal Park.

We saw lots of animals but the lorikeets were the only ones we got to hold.

C loves birds and couldn't get enough of this one.

We had a great time with grandma and our cousins!

Halloween Fun!

A was a spider, B was a Pokemon character, and C was an elephant. C really got the hang of it and would hardly eat anything but candy for the first few days after Halloween. We did a lot of partying this year. A had a fun dance class and a class party. B had a class party. We all went to trunk or treat and also had an alley party. Big B and I went to a really fun Halloween party and had to dress up (which is not like us at all). So we just went with the theme of the party... Old Hollywood.

These are a few pictures from the alley party. We had lots of food.

A and B got to try bobbing for apples. We had a busy Halloween.

New York With the Girls

Nine women, no kids or husbands, and one big city. What could be more fun?
We were gone for six days and were able to fit in everything. This is a long post and still doesn't do the trip justice.
We saw three shows. The best one was In the Heights. I met my cousin and she told us how to get front row tickets for cheap and it worked! Four of us won the raffle which got us all front row. Loved it!!!!

We also saw Chicago...

and Legally Blonde.

New York Con't

We did lots of out sight seeing via double decker bus.
It was a good way to be able to see everything and a little quicker too.

Central Park

Miss Liberty (the staute not me)

Having a good ole hot dog from a guy on the street before going to the Met.

New York Con't

Mainly for my brother. The Soup Kitchen from Seinfield. The orignial has shut down but there is a chain now.
There was lots of eating, mostly desserts. Most of my money was spent on food.

We had a friend who just moved to NY meet us. She brought along her new baby. (The only baby allowed on the trip and it was only for a few hours.)

It was a great trip with great friends!!