Saturday, July 18, 2015


 Only in California can you have a mud fight on Christmas Eve. My parents have started working on their yard so there was lots of dirt to turn into mud.
 Everyone loved it and had so much fun getting dirty.
 Things got a little crazy but man was it fun to watch. (No I did not participate.) 
 We put some warm water in the bucket so naturally E wanted in.
 More warm water. It didn't get them very clean but they were happy.
 Nothing like a little mud to help celebrate Christmas.
 Warm water and he doesn't have to share.
 My oldest brothers family spent the night at my parents house with us so there were just a few presents;)
 Not very many pictures of Christmas day but everyone was happy.
Oh to be a kid again. 
It was an another amazing year and we are so blessed. 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Christmas Performances

 Lots of Christmas performances this year. A started us off with a band concert. 
 We then had a piano recital. This is B and he did great!
 A also did a wonderful job.
 C got nervous and ended up not going up to play his song. Something we'll have to work on before the next recital. Such a cute, talented crew!
 B had a band concert also. I was pretty impressed with how well they sounded for how little they have been playing.
 Next up is the Singer Company's performance.
 D just loves Singers Company! It's the highlight of her week.
 A little blurry but I love how she knew where we were sitting so she could point right at us:)
 My cute little performer!
 She loves Singers Company so much she wore her outfit to her school performance. 
Big B even came to see her. He doesn't make it to all school performances so this was pretty special.