Monday, June 9, 2014

Road Trip-part 4

 As soon as our hike was over we got in the car and headed to the big city, San Francisco! First thing we did was drive over the Golden Gate Bridge.
 When we got to the other side we decided to park and walk back over it.
 It was a nice view into the city.
 Our next stop was Lombard street. I didn't think my car was going to make it down that steep and curvy road. I think my brakes were starting to smell!
 Such a crazy road!
 Next stop Coit Tower. Here we got to witness a man propose. Once again a nice view.
 We checked into the hotel and split up girls and boys. The girls did some shopping and the boys went to a SF Giants baseball game. They took public transportation to the game which was a fun thing for the boys to experience. Big B didn't get any pictures of the game but they left before the game was over and made it back to the hotel just in time for the games fireworks.
Our room had the perfect view! A great end to our first day in the city.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Road Trip- part 3

 Our next stop was to see some redwoods. We didn't have time to go further north to the real big redwoods but the ones just south of San Francisco were still pretty amazing. 
 There was lots of climbing and exploring.
 We spent a night in a cabin tent. It was pretty nice for camping. 
 We could not get over how big the trees were!
Boys and their sticks! 
Big B found what he thought would be the perfect hike. It was a great hike and we saw many things but it ended up taking us more then 5 hours round trip with some good hills.
 The kids did amazing and kept finding new bugs and flowers. 
 Half way through the hike we found this waterfall. That's what the whole goal of the hike, to find this waterfall.
 It was pretty amazing and worth it.
 After a picnic lunch at the waterfall it was back to hiking.
 C had a rough time finishing the loop but he did it.
 Couldn't get enough!
Nap time. The hike wore us all out! It was so great to be in nature and hardly run into any other human.  Just family and God's creations.

Road Trip- Part 2

 The drive up the coast was beautiful and we got to see some great sights. One being a beach full of giant elephant sea lions.
 There were hundreds of them! They covered the beach as far as the eye could see!
We would stop and find some of the greatest views. This beach was a part of a state park and had a great history to go along with it.

Spring Break Road Trip- Part 1

 I've been wanting to take this trip up the coast for a very long time and we finally made it happen. My parents kept D and E which made it doable and so fun. Our first stop was Hearst Castle. We took a tour and got to walk around the grounds. It was pretty amazing! Just look at that fireplace!
 I'm very lucky to have kids that enjoy history and learning new things as much as I do.
 The dinning room.
 This is one of the pools. At first I was sad we didn't get to see it full but then after talking to one of the guards I was glad to be able to see the details of the pool.
 It is never empty so I guess we were lucky.
 The view from the top. I wouldn't mind living here!
 Just one view of the castle.
 The indoor pool.
 I can't even imagine swimming in a pool that grand!
We were suckers for the pictures they took of us but I guess we were caught up in the moment.

The Start of Spring Break

 Waiting for Conference cinnamon rolls. Yummy!!
 We started spring break with a day at the beach. I have a feeling the beach will be our favorite place this summer.
This little guy loves it but the problem is he loves the water too. I guess it's better then being scared of the water.


 Another year another jog-a-thon! This is C's class before they started running.
 Getting ready! He and B were really into it this year and were running machines.
 I made C slow down so D could run with him for one lap.
 B getting ready for his turn.
D loves it and loves running with the older kids. She can't wait till next year when she officially gets to run. B was good to let her run with him for a lap.