Thursday, July 8, 2010


Being the Angel fans that my family is my dad took the 4 oldest grandkids and the men and wen to Chicago to watch them play the cubs. They all had a great trip and are already asking when they are going back.
They did 2 games while they were there.
B wanted the Cubs to win because that was his team name when he played tee ball.
Here is the gang experiencing life in the big city. Waiting for the "L".
A with the big buildings behind her. The kids were amazed at how people live in the big city. I think this is a trip everyone will remember for a very long time. Thank Grandpa!!


My brother's son had a birthday so we went swimming at their house. The water was warm and everyone had a blast. Grandpa got in to play with the kids.
Everyone had a such a fun time kicking off the summer with a great pool party.

A, B, and C took swim lessons at the college this year. At the end of your session then you get to jump off the diving board. C was a little scared but he did it and loved it.
B had no problem jumping off and would have done it all day if they would have let him. A did it too but of course my camera battery died. I think my kids might be half fish:)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

C's Last Day of School

This is C his last week of speech. (just til next fall) The other kid is his buddy that was in class with him and we would see him at Learning Links.
They are showing the camera their fish that hung on the wall.
This is D showing off her walking skills while waiting for C to get out of class. She started walking right around her 1st birthday.
Cute Miss D!!