Sunday, October 17, 2010

C Starts School

C started preschool this year. We are doing a co-op with 5 other kids/moms.
So far he is loving it. He is very busy for being 31/2. He also had speech 2 days a week. He's vocabulary has come a long way but we are still working on his annunciation. We are trying to play and go do as much as we can. Life is busy.

Here he is at his "desk" on the first day of school. He has a great class and we both look forward to all the things we'll be doing this year.

School Days

A started 3rd grade this year. I was telling her the kids she would know in her class and she told me she knew all of them. I guess she has been in long enough with the same kids she knows them all.
This is her waiting in line on the first day.

B started 1st grade. His first year of everyday, all day school.

This is the crew of 1st grade boys that live on our alley.

My handsome boy.
I feel like this year will be a good one. I'm excited to have just the younger 2 at home so I can do all the things I did with the older 2 when they were young. Quoting my friends blog...The days are long but the years are so short. This could not be more true. I love watching them grow and learn but I want and ask them daily to stop growing up.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Our Last Day of Summer-Labor Day

We spent our last day of summer at Wild Rivers with our neighbors. This family we could not live without. They help me so much. B isn't in the picture cause we couldn't find him when he went off after we told him not to. We found him in the hot tub...good place to be cause it was cold.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Big B's sister came to Dland last summer and didn't use all her days on her ticket so when they couldn't use them this summer they gave them to use and we upgraded them. We could only get about 6 weeks but we did it anyways and have gone to Dland at least once a week if not more. D's favorite is the carousel.
I don't think C had ever been to Dland before this so he LOVED all of it. He could even ride the "big kid rides".

He loved all the characters too. He even wanted a picture with Cinderella but she had to go.
A and B were best buds on all the rides. One of the days that I went with all 4 they convinced me they could go on rides by themselves. Pretty soon we'll have to get real year passes. It was a great 6 weeks! Thanks Aunt L.
Most of the time I would park in Downtown Disney and would be in such a hurry to get to the car so I wouldn't have to pay for parking. The kids always wanted their picture with the giant Lego so the last time we went I let them.

This is the Place

While at the cabin we went to This is the Place Monument. The kids had a great time learning of the times when pioneers settled the Salt Lake valley. There was a petting zoo. D loved chasing the animals.
They learned how to make sheep's wool into thread and material.

B got his first shave!
C trying to play as the kids would have back in the day. They had lots of different "toys" to try. Some I wouldn't mind having.
A trying out the stilts. It was good for the older kids to get and idea of how others use to live and learn some of their heritage.

Summer Trip to the Cabin

Just 2 days after getting home from our big reunion trip I took the kids and went to the cabin. I didn't know if I could handle that much traveling but we love the cabin so we just had to do it. Even though we had just seen them we had Big B's sister and her husband come up for some s'mores.
This time we spent a lot of time on the river behind the cabin. The kids made a dam and called it their swimming pool.

Big B and I really wanted to float a river on our trip and never did but I came up with this for the kids. All the kids loved it, even D. A and B would go pretty far down the river and I would run along the bank and then pull them in.
We also headed up to the lake a few times to use the kayaks. We had a race around the lake and the kids would hold onto the back and get dragged around. Good times!
Big B did come up just for the weekend. It was nice to relax and enjoy more outdoors. Living where we do you can never have enough wilderness.

My Birthday...The Amazing Race

For my actually birthday I got to travel home from our big trip by my self with 4 kids. 2 hour car ride and then a 2 hour plane ride. We made it but not that great of a birthday. So Big B and I decided to put on the Amazing Race for our friends to celebrate my birthday. We LOVE this show and I thought we did a great job putting it on. We started at our house and gave them a clue to their next destination.
Their clue took them to a dance studio where they had to learn a dance and perform it to get the next clue. It was very fun to watch them try and get it.
The next clue took them to my parents house where they had to blend up some real yummy things and drink their mixture before getting the next clue. They had to randomly pick out a fruit, a veggie, and a liquid. Some weren't so bad but others pretty nasty.
The next clue took them to the harbor where they could choose to jet ski or kayak. Most picked kayaks. They had to go out into the harbor and find their next clue or jet ski out into the ocean and find their clue. The next clue took them to a beach that had 224 stairs that led you to the beach. They had to count the stairs correctly to get their next clue.
The final clue led them to BJ's, the best place to eat. It was a wonderful time and I really hope to do it again. My brother made the clues and they looked so real. We had several people ask us if we were the real show. We had a blast. Turning 30 wasn't so bad!

Reunion Part of the Trip

When we got to Wyoming for the reunion part of the trip we were able to stay with our good friends from our college days.
We packed in so many things while we were there. After most had left we went to cool down at the splash pad and got some Dairy Queen.
The reunion was held during Sheridan Rodeo Days so there was a parade that we got to see. The kids love a good parade. We also went to the rodeo but I never got my camera out. C loves the rodeo the most out of everyone.
We saw a Polo game too. At half time everyone got to go out and fix the holes in the field. Who would have thought that Polo would have been big in Sheridan?
While playing at the park we got the original Mathews clan together for a picture. All 10 kids and their parents! It was a great reunion. I don't have very many pictures because we are so busy hanging out and playing with cousins the camera gets forgotten about. I love that we have a big family that can get together at least once a year. (Its our turn to host next year.)