Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Family Pictures

Well this was suppose to be after the next picture but anyways these are my close girl friends Brooke and Kami. Thanks for getting pictures of my family!
I've been so bad at pictures since C has been born. He is now closer to two then one and I still haven't got his one year old pictures taken. Needless to say this is our first family picture since C. We went with some friends to try and save some money by taking each others pictures. Don't be suprised if this is what the Christmas card looks like.

A's Hair With Rollers

So we decided to try rollers in A's hair. They were the kind you sleep in. Because her hair is still so thin and fine I thought I should use the smallest rollers. Well we used the smallest rollers and made sure they were in tight so they wouldn't fall out when she slept and this is was the result...
It was cute but I think we will try the bigger rollers next time.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Firsts

A has finally started dance! It took awhile because I'm a little to cheap and I don't want her to experience burn out. But we put her in a preballet class because she thinks she already knows how to do ballet. (I've taught her very little in the kitchen) Hey what ever makes the girl comfortable. I'm sure you'll get an update, especially when it comes to recital time.
B has started preschool. (PreK if you ask him) We are doing the same thing we did with A for two years and with B last year. Hopefully it will be a great year. The group is doing things a little different then in the past. But my group has some wonderful moms and that's what counts the most.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Some firsts and a last.

A's first day of school. I felt like I was sending her off to college. She is now a way from me more then she is with me. Good thing we still have plenty of time before she really leaves me.
Here she is meeting her teacher for the first time.
B also had a first, he started soccer and had his first game.
Big B's brother came to town and so we took his family to the beach. I'm thinking it will be our last time til next summer.
Ohhh, how precious.

Another Great Trip to the Cabin.

The main reason for the trip was to be at Savannah's blessing. This is all the grandchildren with grandma and grandpa.
Grandpa has already bought the girls matching dresses.
We did so many things while at the cabin. Uncle Gary brought his boat up for us to enjoy and we sure did enjoy it. B wanted to try knee boarding. (That didn't last very long.)
A went tubing but fell in the cold water.
We even got a big rain storm, hail storm and even snow in the moutains. It was a lot of fun but luckly we got to leave it all there and come back to our wonderful weather.

Another Great Trip to the Cabin, Continued.

Our friend Mary was so good with the kids. She taught them how to make mud cookies and even a mud wedding cake. It was done very professionally. You can even see Mary in the top corner sifting the dirt to make sure it would produce only the best mud. They loved it! Thanks Mary!!
C couldn't get enough of Megan's baby and Grandpa can never get enough of holding more then one baby at a time.
On this trip we did everything imaginable, includuding lots of rides on the ATV's...
tons of fishing and hiking...
and lots of relaxing.