Friday, November 6, 2015

Spring Break in HAWAII!!!

 We got to Oahu Friday night and first thing Saturday morning my sister and I were off to Ford Island for a 10K. It was a great race and we got to see a lot of the military base. I'm so glad we did it! 
 Although we went with my whole family (23 people), the first day we, my little family of 7, spent the day together. After the race we hit up the local swap meet. Best idea for getting souvenirs! Then we headed to do the Diamond Head hike. It was pretty steep but had such pretty views. Everyone did so good on the hike. E was amazing and never even had to be held. 
 Once we got all the way to the top we were rewarded with amazing views.
 You could see forever too.
 We met a man who was stationed on Ford Island and hiking with his son. We stuck together the whole time and had shaved ice with them after.
 After the hike we headed to Pearl Harbor. We took the boat over to the monument. 
 The kids all really love to learn so teaching them the history was easy but truly understanding what happened was a little harder.
 There really was a lot to do and learn.
 And still at the end 5 happy kids!
 Next up another hike! This time more of a forest feel.
 It was a rain forest hike so there were lots of places to play in.
 No lack of exploring!
 More breathtaking views.
 The hike took us to Mona Falls. A little cold but it didn't stop anyone.
 At this point it was getting a little dark but we were so glad we fit it in!
One more dunk in the waterfall before we had to hike out in the dark and the rain. It was really a wonderful first day. We did so much exploring and everyone was so happy all day.

Hawaii Prep!

 What do you do to get ready for a trip to Hawaii?! Get your nails done, of course. So the three girls made a trip to the nail salon.
 Looking good! (Can you even tell which are A's feet and which are mine?)
And we're off to the airport on the shuttle.

Whale Watching in Dana Point

 The girls got to go whale watching with grandma, grandpa and a cousin.
 It was pretty and we did see a whale off in the distance.
 D especially loved it.
I'm glad she had fun but I will not be doing that again without any drugs. I got so sick and I don't think A felt totally normal either.

My Little Helpers

 My little helpers doing the yard work.
 They made it look so pretty. Bring on Spring!
 Then I have this little helper who loves to do the laundry with me.
This time he decided to get in with laundry. 

E's First Hair Cut

 He was so excited to get his hair cut like his brothers.
 There wasn't much to cut but cooperated really well.
Looking sharp!

Messy Faces

 A family trip to Dairy Queen.
 This boy and his ice cream.
 Trying to clean himself up with his tongue.
 A at mutual for church. They had a messy fun night. 
We have such great youth and leaders! So much work went into this night and the kids loved it!

Advancing in Scouts

 With C turning 8 he got to start scouts. The first thing he earned was his Bobcat.
 I get pinned...
and so does C. Look at that big smile! I think it's safe to say he's excited for scouts.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Combat Cleaning

 Combat Cleaning had a good sized job in San Diego. It was a big club house. 
 Proud owners.
 The upper living room, kitchen, and dinning room.
 This is just the upstairs.
We had another project close to home that was a big custom house. We enlisted some help besides our regular employees. 

Walk Through the Revolution

 In the 5th grade they do a Walk Through the Revolution. Every kid gets a character and a part and they do somewhat of a reenactment of the Revolution.
It's such a great experience for them and they learn a lot.

Family Time

 February brought some great weather so we had to take advantage. 
 It's always a good beach day when we are all there playing together.
 Doesn't get much better then this especially in February! 
 And especially when dad comes!
 A little cold stone to top it off!
 February was so nice we even got a little jet skiing in.
 Beautiful harbor
 Crazy boys!
 This boy got a birthday card and valentine in the mail from grandma Mathews and he LOVED them. He held them tight all week.
Exploring the attic with dad.