Friday, May 29, 2015

Random Cutness

 This kid rarely makes it to the park.
 I thought I'd document it, especially since he was so cute.
 As long as he's held he's happy. 
 Our autumn came just in time for Christmas. At least it makes it feel like we had a season change.
 Daddy's home from his golf trip to Pebble Beach!! I think the kids are pretty happy to see him.
No he's not the best helper when it's time to cook dinner.

O Christmas Tree

 All my little snowmen out looking for a tree.
We have really missed getting our Christmas tree from Panaca. Hopefully this is the last year and then we'll be back to finding our tree in the forest of Panaca. Home Depot wasn't really the adventure we are use to. B insisted on hauling the tree to the truck all by himself so he could feel like it was harder then it really was. At least we had a pretty and nice smelling tree.

Rain, Rain Stay All Day

 We haven't got much rain around here lately so when we saw rain we couldn't help but go and play in it.
 I don't think the umbrellas helped them stay dry.
Even after it stopped E wasn't done so he found the gutter with water to play in.

My Loves

 A bike ride to Ruby's had a detour to the Mission. The kids know the fish by name. The names they gave them:)
 I was messing around with pictures for our Christmas card and I really liked the flowers for the background. 
 But the sun was too bright and they weren't really dressed for it. Still handsome boys.
 So after church one day I made them all pose for me in their Sunday best.
Miss D-5
Why are they all growing up on me. Even my baby doesn't look like a baby:(

Thanksgiving Day

 It was a beautiful California day for Thanksgiving and so we headed to my brothers house of some dinner prep and swimming. The pool was pretty cold but that didn't stop the crazy kids.
 I think they all got in at least for a second.
 The jacuzzi was heated and the happier place to be.
A great start to Thanksgiving day. Sadly, once again I didn't take any more pictures.

Santa Ana Zoo

 Sometimes you just need a day at the zoo with a cousin.
 Looking at and monkeys and acting like them too.
 A train ride around the zoo.
 The moms went too. Here's the proof.
 Cute girls!
Until next time!

A Little Disney

 Just because we don't have passes to disneyland doesn't mean we still can't enjoy downtown disney. Miss D loved walking around looking at everything.
 She really loved that I bought her an Olof carmel apple. Yes, that's Belle and the Beast made of legos in the background.
There was lots of Frozen displays that made the day even better!

A Wonderful Friend Moves Away

This is a wonderful friend who lived on our alley. She would do anything for my family and it was very hard to say good bye.
 E loved watching the moving truck.
 We spend most the day out side watching the whole process.
 I may have cried when she drove away. It was really hard to say good bye:(
For old times D and I sat in front of her garage but of course it wasn't the same.

Another Sports Season Over

 D tried soccer this year and I think we were both glad it ended. She had a love hate relationship with it. Her coaches were great with her.
 There really isn't much cuter then little girls playing soccer in their uniforms and matching hair bows!
 The trophy!!
The boys football season also ended and Big B was the coach for both teams. Unfortunately this is the only picture I got of football.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Sibling Time

 As a family we went to see Big Hero Six. It was very cute but E is definitely not old enough for the theater yet!
 Lizard catching after church.
 It's the Panaca in them:)
 A trip to the discovery museum to show E the Thomas exhibit.
 The older kids were good sports.
 But the older kids got a kick out of the rest of the museum. 
 How many Mathews do you see?
 A trip to the dentist for all!
I'm so glad our dentist will see them all at the same time. It sure makes things a little easier!