Wednesday, January 28, 2015

First Day of School

 A starting 7th
 B starting 5th
 C starting 2nd
 D starting kinder
 E staying home.
 C ready to get to work.
D is soooo ready for kinder! She had no hesitations.

Last Day of Summer

 D got to go to a little get together with all her friends who are starting kindergarten. That's not even all of them!
 We ended the summer at Big Air trampoline park. All the kids had a blast but this little guy couldn't get enough.
Dodge ball king:) 
Good bye summer!

Night in Laguna

 Trying to fit everything in before summer comes to an end so we hit Laguna Beach for a night out on the town. Dinner, dessert and just walking around.
I grew up going into art gallery after art gallery. Always hitting the Wyland gallery so I made my kids go in. They actually really liked it. Tons of memories for me.

Day in LA

 We try and do a day in LA every year. It's nice to be at the LA temple grounds as a family since we were married there.
 There are lots of photo op places but the big tree we really like to take pictures was gone.
 We've grown a lot in the last 14 years.
 How it all started.
After the temple, some yummy hot dogs, and ice cream sandwiches we headed to the Griffith Observatory. It was very crowded and not so great for the littles but I'd go back with A and B on a day that isn't so crowded. Fun family day!  

Summer Shenanigans

 Summer wouldn't be complete without some night swimming.
 More beach days, of course!
 Cousin day at Chuck E Cheeses.
 My boys:)
 Annual waterside party for Lorelei.
 All the cousins
 We wore this boy out everyday of summer but it looks like he didn't fall as so fast on this day. He took care of his poop diaper then fell asleep.
Asleep or awake he is just so darn cute!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Adventure Playground

 I grew up going to adventure playground for summer camp. Well they opened it up for day visits! So we headed over with out cousins to try it out and the kids loved it. 
 They got so wet and muddy. Every kids dream.
 They also get to build whatever they want out of wood.
 Everyone worked together to build a table and benches.
 Even E got into it.
 More paddling.
 Their end result! Pretty good!
They also helped some other kids build a fort and then put their table and benches in it.

Summer Storm

 It's not often we get a summer storm. That is actually one of the things I miss about living in Utah. So when it started raining the boys got a little crazy. Dancing in the rain! Yes B is in his under ware.
 E loved it too.
Just a random picture of E at the beach. He snuck away. I guess he wanted to eat alone.

Jumping off the Pier

 A does jr. lifeguards and she is now experienced enough to jump off the pier.
 She was so excited but I think I can see a little nervousness in that smile.
 Like a pro!
She made it and would have done it again in a heart beat.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Panaca Fun

What could be more fun then a feeding trough with water and a bunch of cousins?!

I really think this was the highlight of the reunion for the little kids.
Big B and I had to put together a game for the adults and we did a race around Panaca. You had to make it to predetermined landmarks and take a picture of your team there. Some of the roads were narrow and it was fun teasing the other teams as you tried to pass them.
This is a pretty picture of Panaca but I was really taking a picture of the dust clouds the Mathews were making in the distance as they tore up Panaca. 
This was Big B's attempt at making a water slide. It was pretty fun but after hitting a few rocks on the way down the kids were done.
Of course there were shooting lessons.
It was the big 150th birthday party for Panaca and grandpa was speaker at the ceremony and reveal of the statue.

This is the statue of Francis and Jane Lee the founders of Panaca and my kids 4th great grandparents.
Part of the big party was at chugging contest. Big B gave it his best efforts but couldn't even finish it.
E LOVED the animals this trip. He has a thing for cows and so to see them up close was the best thing ever for him. As you can see he wasn't scared at all.
C with the pigs.
E made his was in the coral and was after those cows. 
Beautiful Panaca sky.
Posing for mom:)
We thought E would love the horses and he did but he did not like to be on them. 
At the birthday celebration A gave archery a shot. She did pretty good!
Our nieces in the parade as queen and princess.
On a little adventure…Panaca is full of them.
D loved the horses. We can never get enough of Panaca, family and fun!