Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lots of Happenings

 A has got E loving the scooter. He's so cute!
 C just lost a tooth but had another loose one so he was trying to get it out by biting into the apple. Didn't work:/
 E is such a fast crawler! He walk a little but still rather crawl because he's so good at it. E was chasing birds during baseball.
 For preschool we did a science day with lots of experiments. It was a hit!
 I got shirts made for the new company. Big B's brother did them and I LOVE them. 
 E on his first bike ride. I'd say he liked it:) Looks like our family is back to biking! We haven't been in at least a year and a half.
 Playing around.
 Jumping off rocks at the park.
 I'm loving my flowers in the yard this spring! My roses are going crazy!
A is growing up to fast! This is at New Beginnings and she'll be joining Young Womens so soon.

Recorder Concert

 B picked general music this year and they had their recorder performance. The music teacher did a great job motivating them and they sounded good.
B was so excited. 
(Especially to be able to have E there to show off.)

Taffy Making

 My dad had this great idea of making taffy. The kids loved it!! Pulling it was the most fun.
 We did several flavors and they were all yummy.
 The kids and grandpa got very into it.
 Fun family time!
I'm sure we'll be doing this again soon!

Band Performance for A

 A had another band performance. This time it was at the high school so it was a little bit bigger deal. 
She's really loving the flute and I think she'll stick with it for awhile.

My C man!

 Mr. C earned 100 Golden Grizzlies at school and so he got recognized in front of the whole school.
 He was pretty excited! He also got to eat lunch with the principal.
 Best smile ever!
This was his spring school picture. Such a good boy!

Moms Weekend Away!!

 I needed a break badly!! So I booked a flight to my sister and only booked a flight for me! After a very hard year I needed to get away. I really didn't take any other pictures then these two. I did a little shopping, helped my sister, got my hair cut, had a pedicure, slept through the night, ate yummy food, hung out with my sister in laws and really just relaxed. My sister and I found the waffle truck and man was it good!
I went out to dinner with my sister and two of my sister in laws. It was margarita day so we all ordered virgin margaritas. It was a fun to catch up with family. It was a great trip and I want to do it again soon!