Sunday, August 16, 2015

Combat Cleaning

 Combat Cleaning had a good sized job in San Diego. It was a big club house. 
 Proud owners.
 The upper living room, kitchen, and dinning room.
 This is just the upstairs.
We had another project close to home that was a big custom house. We enlisted some help besides our regular employees. 

Walk Through the Revolution

 In the 5th grade they do a Walk Through the Revolution. Every kid gets a character and a part and they do somewhat of a reenactment of the Revolution.
It's such a great experience for them and they learn a lot.

Family Time

 February brought some great weather so we had to take advantage. 
 It's always a good beach day when we are all there playing together.
 Doesn't get much better then this especially in February! 
 And especially when dad comes!
 A little cold stone to top it off!
 February was so nice we even got a little jet skiing in.
 Beautiful harbor
 Crazy boys!
 This boy got a birthday card and valentine in the mail from grandma Mathews and he LOVED them. He held them tight all week.
Exploring the attic with dad.

C's Baptism

 We had a friend take some pre baptism pictures. We took them just in the hills by our house and the back drop couldn't have been more perfect.
 The hills are alive.
 Looking so grown up!
 Such a cute boy.
 So happy this boy made the decision to be baptized. 
 There's just something about a moms and her son. 

 So many family came to support C on his big day. 
 Like always I'm so bad with taking pictures that this is the only one I got with C and his dad. Not even one in white. 
 These sweet cousins made the drive to be here and it was great to have them.
After party!
C is such a great kid. Especially when he wants to be. He loves being the big brother to E. Although he's stubborn he always comes around and has fun with anything we do.

February Birthdays!

 For C's 8th birthday he and some friends went to the monster truck show. 
 Opening presents is always a plus to having a birthday.
 He has some great friends who gave him some great gifts.
 A beautiful sunset for the handsome birthday boy.
 Three birthday kids to celebrate at grandmas house.
 Happy boy!
 Three different cakes.
 Still figuring out what a birthday is all about.
 Pure joy for this big 8 year old!
 I may have taken E with me when I got his present.
 E's birthday was on a Sunday so we took cupcakes to nursery.
 Easiest birthday "party" I could have done.
 Surprise! It's a trash truck!
 Getting him started young with golfing.
I think he finally got the hang of the birthday thing and loved us singing to him.
E is the perfect youngest child. Everyone loves him and can't get enough of him. We give into him too much because we all think he's the cutest thing ever. 

Zoomars with Cousins

 A trip to Zoomars with the cousins to feed the bunnies and Guinea pigs.  
 She was a natural holding them.
 Train ride fun.
Who needs a sand box if you can have a corn box?!

Random Cuteness

 A friend took this picture of D and sent it to me and I think it's such a cute one!
 Breakfast buddies.

 Cousins in town and about to share dessert.
 Pizookie, YUM!
 While waiting for the older kids to get done with piano these cuties did a little nature hunt.
 Cousins make the best friends.
 Cute boy all ready for church.

 He wanted some cheese so he helped himself. I can't seem to child proof the house enough. He climbs up everything so nothing is out of reach. 
 Dinner at BJ's means pizookie for dessert. 
D got to be star of the week and got to bring the class pig home for a day.