Friday, February 20, 2015

Halloween at Disneyland

 Poor grandpa getting tackled by his grandkids. (ok so this isn't Disneyland but I had to throw it in there.)
 My brothers families, along with my parents and us went to Disneyland to do their Halloween party. We had a great time. I love this picture with cousins.
 Disney really does have great parades. Here's Ana.
 And don't forget Elsa.
 Or Mickey!
 They have great firework shows too.
 Cute happy girl.
Some people get a little crazy if they stay to long!

Big Cleaning Job

 I can't remember what I've shared here but I started a construction cleaning company with my friend and all summer we had a job in LA cleaning an apartment building. It was 78 units, lots of common areas, and 5 stories high. We cleaned it about 3 different times. Some areas more than that. Most units were only 1 bedroom. It was a great project for us to start on. We learned a lot and are ready to grow.
The picture is of the hallway.
 The dinning and living room.
 Looking back into the kitchen.
 The bathroom.
 One of the common rooms.
We had to climb the scaffolding to get the outside windows and awnings clean. Just a little scary!

Soccer and things

 The kids supporting each other at their games on Saturdays.
 D had her first year of soccer. She wasn't a huge fan because there was too much running and not enough twirling. About once a game she would have a burst of energy and do really well then for the rest of the game she would complain or talk with her friends on the other team. Who knows if she'll try it again.
 "I'm so glad when daddy comes home."
Learning family history with grandma.

Feeling Piratey

 Dana Point was having their Tall Ship Festival and so we went with the Smith family (long time friends of my parents). The kids get to do all types of things.
 Including learning how to steer a ship.
 And holding a bird.
 And much more. After we had a great feast at my parents and a bounce house for the kids to play on. It was a great day of friends and family.
Not to long after it was national pirate day and if you dressed up you got a free dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. So of course we dressed up and ended up with 2 dozen! ARRR!