Friday, May 24, 2013

E's Blessing

 It was a great day with lots of family!
 He did pretty good in his blessing. He started to fuss a little at the end but not bad.
 My whole family was able to be there. We weren't missing anyone!
 Baby E in his blessing outfit. It's the same outfit B and C were blessed in. I wrote more about his day in his baby book.
 My new big family. D was having a rough day. I had a friend take some better pictures but I haven't got them yet. I'll post them later.
Big B's parents came for the weekend. It was so great to have them around and mostly to ourselves:) Big B's brother came with his wife and 2 kids and so did his sister. I love it when Mathews come to visit! Over all it was a wonderful crazy weekend!

Easter Morning

 We did out egg hunt first thing in the morning and we let the 2 little cousins get a head start.
 Then we let C join.
 And eventually everyone was running around crazy.
 The Easter Bunny hid some really hard.
 As soon as everyone found their limit they had to help the others.
 D needed a little lift.
 E was liking being outside.
 His Easter basket was almost bigger then he was.
After D and her cousin who is just barley older then her decided to play church. It was the cutest thing ever!! They gave talks and said prayers. This is D telling him what to say.
It was so fun to have cousins with us for Easter!

Pre-Easter Celebration

 Every year the day before Easter we head over to the park by my parents house for an egg hunt. This year we had some Mathews cousins join us.
 The kids always make out with so much candy.
 They really love the 2 minute race for candy!
 Getting a ride back to grandma and grandpas.
 Grandpa LOVES getting his picture with his grandkids. B had a baseball game and my brothers boys were gone too.
After the candy hunt and baseball games we had a BBQ. It was a great day with family!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby E Meets More Family

 So many people came for Baby E's blessing weekend. He met so many.
Aunt Megan
 Family just hanging out. Didn't get a picture with Aunt Lynn but she's in this picture.
 Grandma Mathews
 Aunt Maria
 He actually met Aunt Carole soon after being born but we never got a picture.
 Grandpa Mathews
 Aunt Kara
Cousin Ethan

Tanaka Farms

 My sister was in town for Easter and really wanted to go to Tanaka Farms to pick strawberries. We never pass up a chance to eat the best strawberries around!!
 There's a tour around the farm first where you get to try different vegetables and learn about them and fruits. The carrots are the best!
 I love that the kids will try everything.
 Baby E's first visit and big adventure out.
 The older kids haven't been in so long because I usually go with preschool. I just might have pulled them out a little early from school.
 Strawberries...the last thing on the tour!
 Seriously the best!!
 There's just something about picking them fresh and eating them straight from the field.
 Cousins and friends.
 We bought extra carrots to take home and this was one of them.
B went home with our neighbor and we I got home this is what I found. Almost all his strawberries were gone and he was a mess. YUMMY!

Baby E

 So handsome for church.
 Excuse the spit up but look at that smile. I love it when they can interact with you!
 He doesn't like the bath to much but LOVES the shower. Till he gets out that is.
 All fresh and clean:)
 C really is my best helper. He is the only one who has asked to change a diaper. He did pretty good too.
Our favorite great aunt Janet came to meet E.

My Busy Girl!

 This girl is growing up to fast! She and Big B went on a daddy daughter date for activity days. They learned to waltz and did many other fun things.
She is on the swim team and swims almost everyday. She has started going to meets and is getting really good. I love this picture of her diving in!

School Pictures

 The school always does pictures at the beginning of the year and then again in the spring. These ones turned out so much better. Everyone looks so good!
 She smiled!!
So handsome!