Sunday, October 27, 2013

Trouble With A Capital E

 E is getting so big! All of a sudden he is loads of trouble and my house is no where near baby proof!
 He has found the stairs,
 and is so proud when he climbs them and stands on the banister. He was cracking himself up.
 He likes to help unload the dishwasher.
 The kids still race to be the first one to get him from his naps. One day I told C to get him and I didn't   see or hear him for awhile and this is what I found. C just wanted to play with him without having to share.
The sad thing is the day will come all to quick when he really will be driving.

Chargers Game

 At the last minute Big B decided to get tickets to the Chargers game. It was a Monday night game so he couldn't resist. B was really excited to go. He is so into football!
 C really likes football too but he's a little more stubborn about it. Like going to this game, we had to convince him to go but he had so much fun once he got there. His flag football team is the Chargers so he got to wear his jersey.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Rainy Day!!

 We had a much needed rainy day! The beginning of the day wasn't so rainy and I was just hoping it would start to down pour so football practice would get cancelled. Well, it started to pour and practice was cancelled!! You see I had been in a very bad mood for several days. Feeling very tired, overwhelmed, and felt like the kids were not listening or helping like the should, etc., etc, etc. So I really needed this rainy day to recharge. We all changed into our pj's, did homework, cooked, baked, listen to music and played together. Something that never happens because we are always  running twenty directions at once.
 A was still going to go to swim because swim only gets cancelled if there is thunder or lightning. I almost kept her home because things were going so nice but because I wasn't taking that day I was sending her until I heard the thunder. Yay...she was staying home! She was already in her suit when it started to down pour so she ran in the rain.
The other kids ended up joining her and getting soaked in their pj's. B had his boat from the rain gutter regatta for scouts so they did a little boat race in the gutters. It was such a fun afternoon/night. Something I needed very badly! 

Preschool Fun

 This year there are only 4 kids in our co-op group. At first I was a little worried because I'm teaching for one of the moms that had to go back to work so that has me teaching every other week but this little group is so fun and easy. One week we learned about outer space so we walked to the planet park and looked at all the planets and ate lunch.
 Just this week we went to a petting zoo.
 E liked to pet the animals too.
 The goats were a little aggressive but most of the kids still had fun with them.
 Got to see tons of pumpkins and decorate some too.
I really think their favorite part was planning in the corn. I love playing with the kids and getting to do so many fun learning things with them!!


 B has followed in his sisters footsteps and LOVES to read. He reads so much at times that he gets in trouble for it. I know it's a good problem to have but I really have a problem getting them to stop reading and get other things done.
 This girl couldn't even get out of the car because she was reading. I preordered her a book that was due to come and out and when it shipped I told her she couldn't start reading it till Friday after school. Well it was finished by Sunday morning and that was only because I made her stop reading a little on 
Saturday to do something besides read. The book was probably over 500 pages! I really do hope the younger kids catch the reading bug!!
 Morning cuddles. Although she tries to cuddle him all day.
He's on the loose! I put him in my room to play while I folded laundry but he insisted on helping me in the laundry room. I must say he's happier now that he can get where he wants.

Keeping Busy

 Since the kids are back in school D and I have found some fun ways to keep busy. For national talk like a pirate day Krispy Kreme gave you a dozen donuts if you dressed like a pirate. So we went.
 We've found some parks and splash pads.
 Done lots of cost-co trips. Among other shopping and errands.
 But most fun of all we have met up with cousins more. We have almost seen them once a week! To get into the fall spirt we went to a pumpkin patch.
 E's first pumpkin encounter.
 Sweet cousins!
The only picture with all four of them. Scary, aren't they?

Friday, October 11, 2013

First Day of School

 B just finding his desk and settling in.
 C got into a combo class with Kindergarteners and I couldn't be happier. They all leave and only 15 first graders stay. 15 to 1 for a few hours is heaven!
E doesn't know what happened. The house is quite and there's no one to hold and play with him all day. He's going to have an adjustment!


 The alley bought a deal on the computer for rollerskating so we decided to go for our last big summer activity.
 Fun times with friends!
 Most of my pictures are blurry because no one would stop moving. It took awhile but everyone got the hang of it.
D needed a little help but she would not stop and by the end she didn't need any help.
 Big B thought he was hot stuff out there.
 There was some fighting over the helping thing but soon no one needed it.
Alley moms rock! We might just need to be going back with just adults.

All Grown Up!

 It's weird for me to think I have a child going into middle school! It can't be true but it is. Of course she got a bottom locker. Don't all the tall kids?!
She was such a big help while Big B was on his trip that I told her we would go out. She waited till close to when school started so her toes would look pretty. It was her very first pedi! Then we shared lunch at Cheesecake Factory. So nice to go out just the two of us!