Sunday, July 31, 2011

Reunion, Part 2

After a day of water and sun we got the crew together and had a little fun. We put together a game of Minute to Win It. It was so much fun. In this game you had to get the pedometer to 125 with it on your head.
The object of this game was to get a card to stick in a watermelon.
This was a very funny moment. Big B's brother had to get ping pong balls out of a tissue box with shaking is bum.
Then we made the grandma and grandpa put together a puzzle. It was very cute to hear the grandkids cheer them on.
It was a fun start to the night. After the game we gathered together to share stories and memories along with some family history. Always a highlight to any Mathews reunion.

Mathews Family Reunion

We got to host the Mathews Reunion this year. We started the reunion off with a big family picture. All but 2 people were here for the picture...that's 57 out of 59.
After the family picture we spent the day on the beach where we camped and tried to get everyone a ride on the jet skis.
We were able to land the group site and 2 other sites at Doheny State beach camp ground. It was very close to the harbor so it made it easy to get everyone a ride on the jet skis.
The weather was great but there was no shade except the EZ ups we brought. There were definitely some sun burns.
These girls are A's closest cousins. They had so much fun together that I might have to have a cousin reunion one year.

4th of July

We had tons of visitors this 4th of July! We were in charge of the Mathews Family Reunion this year and the younger half came early to be here for the 4th. We started the day with a nice run. I did the 10K and the others did the 5K. It was a good start to the day.
Then we went swimming and had a BBQ before we headed to the park for fireworks. I love it when we get together with so much family!
D was amazed with the fireworks.
I think most everyone was. It was a great start to the reunion.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

U2 Concert

Big B and I bought our tickets for the U2 concert almost 2 years ago but then Bono hurt is back and had to cancel the concert. It got rescheduled for a year later. Big B was so excited to go because his first concert he ever went to was U2. Of course I forgot the camera and had rely on the phone for pics. It didn't work very well.
Lenny Kravits opened and that was awesome all on its own.

Everything was amazing but I must be getting old cause I was so tired and ready to go by the end.

Last Day of School

Here they are on the last day of school. I really should find a picture of them on the first day so we could compare them but that would take to much effort. As always the last week of school is one big party.
I just added to the big party. Some friends of mine thought we would take the kids to Farrell's after school got out on the last day and get the biggest ice cream they serve... the VOLCANO!

After the fire went out they poured tons of hot fudge on top and gave us even more on the side. YUMMY!!

Even with this many people eating there was still plenty of ice cream left over.

Glad that school year is over. (It was a hard year for A because of all the homework.)

Friday, July 15, 2011

Discovery Museum

We have had a year pass to the Discovery museum and have really enjoyed it. But our year is up and we went one last time. Lucky for us the just made the dinosaur quest a part of the member benefits so we got to do it for free. The kids loved finding different fossils.
This museum is great because every time we would go it would have a different exhibit for us to explore. It keeps the kids wanting to go. They get so involved with all the fun things to do.

They had a movie about water and it kept their attention for to long. Even D was interested in it for a little. We just might have to renew our passes!

Crazy Hair Day

The kids had crazy hair day at school and this is what we came up with. B's hair is so short that it was hard to do anything with. Luckily our neighbor had some red hair spray.

A Trip on the Train

C and his preschool class got to take the train down to the beach. I got to go too! This was my first trip on a train in a very long time and I enjoyed it just as much as the kids if not more.
D had a great time too.

The boys looked out the window the whole time and were so fascinated by everything they saw. I realized that we would be passing below my mom's house so I called her to go outside and wave. As we went by I did see her and my sister in law waving their arms. We went by too fast for the kids to see though.

Then the train ride was over and we went to play on the beach for awhile before heading back.

A's Singers Company Performance

A is in a group called Singers Company and Have really loved it. This year I have noticed a big improvement in her performance too.
They do singing and dancing.

She even had a little solo. It's always a great show and I love to see A having so much fun.

B's School Performance

B had his end of the year performance and he was the best looking kid there!
His music teacher, Mr. Healy, is wonderful and really teaches them a lot. They even learn some partner dancing.