Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hunting with the Brothers

Big B headed home for a little brother time. Brother time includes food, going to the movies, bowling and most important hunting. (Part of that takes place in Vegas since Panaca doesn't have all that.)
This fall Big B has done lots of hunting. Maybe one year he can get his own tag and not have to just help his brothers.


When A and b were younger we went to disneyland all the time but then season passes got more and more expensive so we stopped going. So I decided that I needed to take C and D like I use to take the older kids. C and I are the only ones that got passes and D is still free. We try and go about once a week and we meet my SIL and my nieces.
C got picked to go to Jedi training! He was so excited and not a bit nervous.
He did very good against Darth Vader.
These two have had so much fun together!
We have had so much fun. I'm glad I did this before C is in school everyday.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Surf Lessons

I found a great deal on surf lessons and thought the kids would love it. Growing up near the beach you would think I would have at least tried surfing but I never had so I decided to take the lessons with the kids. A's friend did it with us too. In this picture we are learning the basics before hitting the water.
I can't tell who this is but all of us did manage to catch a wave.
The kids got cold and tired out there but I think they still had fun.
I was really glad B tried it. Hopefully when summer comes again we'll all try it again.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last of Our Summer Days

Our Septembers can get pretty hot so we headed to the Spectrum for some water fun. D had so much fun getting all wet.
C got pretty daring sticking his head right in the water.
Last year my niece had school on different days then C so it made it hard to get together but this year they are on the same schedule so we can hang out more. My sister in law meet us with her girls.
These two have so much fun together.

First Day for the Little Two

This year I'm trying something new with D. I have never put my 2 year olds in a playgroup but lots of people do it where we live so I decided to give it a try. D has been hard for me and I thought it would be good for both of us.
She had no problem going because everyone else was going to school. She LOVES it! I like it too but it is hard when it's my turn to have the 6 girls at my house.
C started his 2nd year of preschool or his pre-k year. We are doing a co-op like I have always done. He is ready to be in a "real" school but it'll have to wait till next year.
This is C's class. We lost 2 kids from last year and gained a new one. It's a really good group! This should be a easy year for the moms and kids should learn a lot.

Monday, November 7, 2011

First Day of School

I didn't get very many or good pictures. At least I'll be able to see how they grow during this year. A started 4th grade and B 2nd.
A got another male teacher. She did well last year so hopefully she'll do well again. I can't believe she's already in 4th grade! Where has the time gone?
B got a teacher new to the school so we have no idea what to expect. Do you like his hair? He insisted on a mohawk.
This is him walking to his class.
Here's to a great year!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


After the pictures we hit the pool. This little girl was so hesitant to get in the pool. You can tell she's not a California girl. I was glad she warmed up to it and had fun with her cousins.
D loves the water and nothing seems to stop her. We'll throw her around just to get her to want us to stop playing but it never works.
The big kids made the pool into a wave pool.
My brother has a zip line that goes across the pool which always leads to trying to surf so someone can reach the handle. C got pretty good at it.
It was very fun having everyone together!!

Clark Grandkid Pictures

When we found out that my brother had a girl my dad got so excited about all the little girls that we went out and bought them coordinating outfits which led to this little photo shoot. This picture was one of the last taken so the kids were done.
Here are 5 of the 7 girls. The other 2 wouldn't cooperate, of course. The last 6 grandkids have been girls!
These 2 are only 6 weeks apart. Could they look any different? Blonde and bald and dark curly hair. If only they lived closer to each other.
I don't think you could find a prouder grandpa! He loves holding at least 2 kids at a time.
What a good looking bunch! They have so much fun together.

Clark Family Reunion

It doesn't take much for a Clark family reunion (my sister just has to come home with her family) but it's still fun to get together and have an excuse to play. First we all went to a little petting zoo.
It was mostly for the younger kids but I think the older kids had just as much fun. They got to pan for jewels. After the petting zoo we had lunch at Ruby's.
The next day we went to Wild Rivers. My sister in law got a deal on a party so we had time in the party room for lunch.
There was also a WII that the kids had a blast playing.
Between all of us we went on every ride. Everyone had a fun time and no one even got sunburned.

Meeting Another Addition

While we were in Utah my brother and his wife had their first child! I was sad that I had to wait to meet her but she was still little and very cute.
All that dark hair surprised us all!
I can't wait to spoil her and have her join all the craziness that comes with being the 11th grandchild.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Meeting the New Addition

After Southern Utah I headed to the cabin with the kids. We made several stop to visit people on the way. At the cabin we did our usual summer activities like going to the lake. The kids never get enough of the outdoors.
We tried fishing with the kayaks and little boat but only got 1.
The main reason for going was to meet my sisters new baby and be there for her blessing. Big B flew up for it too. The kids loved being with the baby, especially A.
I wish my sister lived closer so I could be with my nieces more. My sister is such a great aunt to my kids and I want to be better with her kids.
Here is a family photo with those who were able to come. I love my family and opportunities we get to share and enjoy with each other.

Hanging Out

Right before our trip we found out the place we were going to stay got doubled booked so we got put in a different house for a night. The house was so big that it couldn't fit in one picture. So this is half of it.
And this is the other half. It was a very nice place with lots of room for all the kids and adults.
Even with all the excitement of staying in a nice house and being in such a beautiful area the kids still loved playing their video games.
Best buds since the day they were born. Ahhhh!
It was a great trip with great people. Something we will have to do again.