Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting our Christmas tree.

The hunt for the perfect tree!
We found it! One side is a little bare but we stick our tree in a corner anyways.

Chopping it down.

Taking it home. We weren't sure if it was that great of a tree but when we got it back to Cali and got it up it was perfect. Our best tree yet. I'll have pictures of it decorated a little later.

Thanksgiving in Panaca

We had an amazing trip to Panaca. One of the many things we did was visit the sand dunes. This is big B jumping the bush. Something they did growing up. He did well, especially at the end after a few trys.
The kids had a fun time running down the dunes. That is after they got over their traumatic crash on the 4 wheeler. Big B didn't realize how big the drop was and the 4 wheeler tipped over on him, A, and B. Everyone was safe. Big B had some bruises.

I think C had more fun in this sand then at the beach. It must be the company of his cousin.

Here is a picture of most of the cousins. We all took a hike together. It was so much fun.

Part of the hike was in the back of a truck. I think we got about 22 people in the back. There was one scary part where I think one wheel was barely on the ground because the road got so narrow. The kids walked that part on the way out.

Thanksgiving in Panaca

This was the best trip to Panaca I think I have ever had. We did so much! Thanksgiving in Panaca usually means football but not this time. This is us by a waterfall we all hiked to.
We went through Condor Canyon and stopped in this cave to get all orange with dirt.

We enjoyed many rides on the 4 wheelers.

Grandpa took B out for a ride by the house.

And of course Brent had to go hunting and let the kids shoot the gun. (C didn't shoot it.) I had such a good time. I hope this starts new traditions of what we do when we go to Panaca.

A's Thanksgiving at school

A had a great thanksgiving feast with her class. It was really yummy, I think she even had thirds.
The first grade did a play it was called Tom Turkey. A was Jill Jones, which was a speaking part.

The first grade is so big that they put three plays on with three classes being in each play. That's nine first grade classes all together.