Sunday, August 19, 2012


 B and C both played baseball this year and loved it. B's party was right after his last game but C's was the next day on a Sunday so we didn't make it to his. B's coach was really good and the boys improved a lot.
 They always got gum in the dugout so that's what he got with his trophy.
The team and coaches.

Random Fun

 While my sister was in town the girls (and their little girls) went out to lunch after getting our nails done.
 A had a fun activity days that was for mothers day. There was a "photo booth" and A got to dress us both up.
 I think we look wonderful:)
 D is very into matching. Her favorite person to match is our neighbor. On this day they matched all to well. D will ask for their picture almost everyday.
 With both boys in baseball D has a lot of practices and games to sit through but she does pretty good, most of the time.
My cousin had her first baby and we were able to go to a baby shower for her. A just loved holding him!

A's Track Meet

 A is always trying to find something new to try and this last school year she tried track. She had 2 track meets and competed against other schools in the area.
 She had a lot of fun and did really well. It might be something she does again.
These pictures are from the first track meet and it was the same day as B's baptism. My sister surprised us at the track meet. We were so shocked! It was so nice to have her at the baptism. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

B's Baptism Pictures

The stake primary takes a picture the day of and then prints it out on a nice card. It is such a nice thing to have and we were able to display the picture too.
This was B's announcement. So handsome...I know. We really couldn't be more proud of the boy B is becoming. 

B's Baptism!

 Just a warning, I put lots of pictures. It was such a great day I didn't want to leave any out. Here is Big B and B right before he got baptized.
 B had so much support on his big day. All of my family was there (minus my BIL), my mom's sister, Big B's brother came with his family and his parents.
 Our little family, minus C. He is not very cooperative with pictures.
 B with his grandma and grandpa Mathews.
 His proud mom and dad.
 After the baptism we had everyone over for mexican food.
 Our home teacher's family came and so did our friends the Bleaks. 
 Hanging out after dinner.
All the kids.

B turns 8!

For his birthday B decided to go to a trampoline place. He brought along his 2 best buddies and his cousins came too. The place was covered in tramps, even the walls. It was tons of fun.
 After we headed to BJ's for pizza, dessert, and presents. Grandma/pa got him his scriptures. His cousins a case for them. We got him all the things he needed to start scouts but he was most excited about the pocket knife. 
 His friends gave him a game for the WII.
 And he also got a new scooter.
A big party pizzookie was his cake. YUM! 
He had a great day and so much fun. This last year we have really seen a change in him. He's grown up a lot.  His teacher in school mentioned it several times too. Even his Sunday school teacher has told me what a great kid he is. I'm so glad to have him in out family.

The Great Park

 The Great Park has this big balloon you can go up in. 
 D was a little nervous at first but soon got into looking for things on the ground.
 Great views!
 We went with C's preschool class.
There was also a park we ate lunch at and a carousal too. It was a fun little field trip.

Random Things

 Big B's sister came to watch the kids while we were gone. The kids overwhelmed her but they had lots of fun with their cousin. We brought back little gifts for everyone and D and Jadyn got matching shirts.
 Our last day at disneyland before our passes were blackout and I ran into a really good friend from high school. I love it when that happens!
Tea Cups!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Last Night Out

 To get to our dinner and show we took a double decker bus.
 Hadn't done that yet.
 We ate dinner at Jamie's Italian.
 Then headed to Mamma Mia.
After we ended our night with gelato. Just how we ended our night after Les Mis. Couldn't get any better. The next day I was headed home while the other ladies end to Rome. I wish I could have continued on with them but I was gone long enough. The whole trip was so much fun and I experienced so much. One day I hope to take the kids back.

St. Pauls

 One thing Big B and I wanted to do but didn't get to was St. Paul's. We didn't know they closed on the early side and we got there just a few minutes after they had closed. So I was glad the ladies were willing to go see it. We took the audio tour and went all the way up to the top.
 The views were amazing.
 Looking back down on St. Paul's.
 Gorgeous gals! 
 By St. Paul's is Millennium bridge. 
 It started to rain on us and Shannon of Shannon Ashton Photography got some great shots. 
All the pictures of the girls trip are from her. That's why they look so much better:)

Food & Shooping

 The next day we headed out for lunch at the Orangery. With how picky I am it was hard to find something to eat but the desserts were delis. 
 Outside the Orangery.
 Walking through Notting Hill.
 Back to Portobello Road for shopping with the girls.
 Gotta love a place with your name:)
 Of course we had to visit the dollar store of London. The other girls thought it was to perfect for me.
Then we found a movie theater so we could take a break. Even London's movie theaters are beautiful!