Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Scout Camp for B

 B is a big fan of scout camp and so am I. Although one day is enough I really enjoy going and seeing what he gets to do.
He has so much fun and an added bonus is he learns a lot and gets things passed off!

Summer Cabin Trip

 Another summer at the cabin another 2 night overnighter backpacking trip. This time Big B and C met up with them for the second night. Lots of bug bites this time around!
 E kept very busy with all the rocks at the river. What more could a 1 year old ask for?!
 The whole family together! We are very lucky that this actually happens usually more then once a year but it's always more fun if it happens at the cabin.
 The best part of a small town parade is the candy.
 Getting ready for the 4th of July rodeo in Oakley. Gotta start with riding your own bull before watching the pros.
 C getting ready to ride a sheep.
Showing off the war wounds. Doesn't bother them! They'll be back next year to do it again. It's in their blood!
 E cooling off by way of the fire trucks hose.
 Watching the professional rodeo and loving it.
All good things come to an end. Back home we go.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Love to See the Temple

 A got to go to the temple for the first time! So proud of who she is becoming.
She even finds her own names to take. She really does amaze me!

Beach Day!!

 This kid already thinks he's big enough to catch some waves. 
 These girls were the brave ones who put star fish on their faces.
 They found so many! I've never seen them like this before.
 Everyone got a kick out of them.
So cool! 

The New Rooms

 Our remodel is finished! I can't believe how well it turned out! This is taken from the stairs.
 Here you can better see how the old space was. I can't believe we fit so much into what was there.
 The little bathroom we added but the boys don't need anything bigger.
Last the boys room and closet. It amazes me every time I walk up there how well it turned out. So much more room without adding any square footage. I'm so glad we didn't move!

Last Days of School

 The boys dressed up for Hawaiian day the last week of school. Sometimes I love that they still like getting into the dress up days and then other times I'm to tired and wish thy didn't care but I had all this stuff so it worked out.
 B had the BEST teacher this year! I'm so sad to see the year end because I know we won't get her again next year. They had a fun last day party but then again everything she did she made it fun.
What our summer is going to look like. Lots of relaxing!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Dance Recital

 These cute girls had such a fun time taking dance together.
 The cutest little red riding hood!
 Bad picture I know but she did great on that big stage.
She was so proud of her self and so were we. The flowers were a big hit too:)

Extra Curricular Activities

 A and B both do robotics and love it. Here A is competing with her robot, trying to get the balls into certain spots for points.
 A was asked to talk to the scouts about rocks so we headed out for a hike to do some research. These boys had a fun time.
 I think the biggest boy had a fun time as well.
 A friend took this for me during A's presentation.
 D took swim lessons and at the end got to jump off the diving board. I'm so glad that this summer she will be swimming confidently!
Pool time, together time!

Preschool Graduation

 After two years of co-op preschool she is ready to graduate!
 D's cute little class.
 She's ready for kindergarten!
A little pizza party at the water park to celebrate. 

Getting Ready for Summer

 Nothing like a friendly competition at the beach. My brother and A swam a ways down the beach and then got out and ran back. 
 While they were racing we were creating a mermaid.
 Eating some Pieology with cousins.
Pool day but the scooter was more fun for E. At least we teach him safety first.

Random Fun

 To make me start running again I signed up for a half marathon. In the end I guess I'm glad I did it but wow it took a lot for me to train. Sadly life is to busy and I don't have the time to run long distances right now. I always have fun doing races with friends though!
 I got to get away for one night to celebrate a wonderful friend and her 40th birthday!
 Now where do you think he got an idea like that?! Train them young!
 Big B's sister came to town and we headed straight for the beach.
 She left her two babies at home but didn't hesitate to play with my babies. So fun!
Still celebrating a good friends birthday but with the alley girls!