Friday, January 30, 2009

IT'S A...

very healthy, thumb sucking baby. Sorry to all those who would like to know the sex of the baby but we'll let you know come June. This picture is of baby D sucking it's thumb, on it's back with the head on the right and legs bent on the left. (Details are for those who have a hard time reading ultra sound pictures.)
So far the baby is healthy and no signs of ascites or hydrops. (what C had in uturo) But we'll have more ultra sounds to stay on top of it. This picture is of the stomach and long legs.

This picture is for my dad. Good looking and large feet.

Monday, January 26, 2009

C Insists on Growing Up

Well, either my baby knows he's about to turn two or maybe he's figured out there's another baby on the way but two weeks ago he got really hard. (hard for him) He started climbing out of his crib so we took down the crib but then it started a whole new set of problems, getting him to sleep in a "big boy bed". This one day was worth at least part of the pain he has caused. I had answered the door and left him in my room and about 15 minutes later, when I was done at the door, I couldn't find him. The last place I looked was his room and this is what I found. He tucked himself in and fell asleep. Can't say this has happened again but it was still cute.
These are just random pictures of the other kids having another dance party but this time they chose to dress up.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Great Start to the New Year!

Big B had a birthday and the kids wanted to do a surprise party for him. It was just us and my mom but he thought it was a lot more then that. He even threatened to not come home. I know better then to have any type of party for him. It will most likely never happen.

He opened presents. Blue tooth was a must have considering he recently got a ticket for talking on his cell phone with out one. He also got a shirt, pants, and best of all tickets to the 1st play off game for the Chargers. It was a great game, they won.

Then the kids did a show for him. They are really in to dancing.

We finished off the night with cake and ice cream.

So far we have had a great New Year. I wish I had more pictures to share but I only have a few. For New years we let the kids stay up to 9:00 to celebrate with New York. They loved it! We had popcorn and candy and just had fun together. Then the next morning A, B and I went to the Rose Parade with my parents. It was a little on the hot side but it was really fun. We had great seats. My parents know how to do that parade perfect. Big B and C stayed home to watch football and get the new T.V. up. We have a lot happening in the year 2009. Here to hoping everything goes smooth. Enjoy your year!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas after Christmas

First a picture of our great tree we got in Panaca. (This post should go after the next but what do you do.) After we got back from the cabin we had our own little Christmas with the presents we didn't take with us.
Santa left C a new bike. He was excited but disappointed when he couldn't reach the peddles.
I love this age. C gets so excited about everything.
Grandma and grandpa Mathews gave us all some great things. The kids loved their blankets.

Christmas at the Cabin!

We could have just stopped at stockings they were so excited.

A got everything she could have wanted. Her two favorites were a marble track and a talking animal facts game.

B got some good things too but his two biggest things had to get returned because it didn't work or there were missing parts. That bummed him out.

C was happy to just be in all the excitement. Santa gave him a helmet with a note saying he dropped off his present under his tree at home, not that he understood or anything.

All the lute we had to get back to Cali.

Christmas Eve day was spent trying to find a tree. Luckily they found one pretty fast. It was so cold.

Then we had to make decorations to decorate the tree.

Next we had a little show.

Then to end Christmas Eve the kids opened their p.j.'s and grandpa read them a story.

Everyday there were new icicles that had formed around the cabin. B loved knocking them down and playing with them. Most of all he enjoyed eating the snow.

We spent just about everyday at the sledding hill. C was such a good sport in the cold.

A was the ultimate sledder. She even went off a big rock, flying her in the air about 5 feet and then landing in a bunch of trees. We told her if she is headed towards something dangerous she should just jump off the sled. Her response was "I close my eyes. I can't see where I'm going."

C loved the snow as long as he wasn't laying in it. He got so excited when it was snowing and would land on his face. It was so much fun to see life through his eyes on this trip. Everything made him smile. It was all so new to him.

Ahhh, my perfect little snow angels.