Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mothers Day

 We aren't very good at celebrating holidays but on Mothers Day I made everyone take a walk on the beach with me. I should have know that a walk on the beach would turn into climbing the rocks but it made for nice pictures.
 I really love where we live! 
So after this picture they decided to go a little further out on the rocks and just after I had taken a picture and was about to yell at them for going out so far a wave splashed up on the rocks and covered them. Literally covered them so I couldn't see them! It scared me so bad especially because they had E. However, I really wish I would have gotten a picture.
This is them trying to get back to safety. To get out there they had to crawl under that rock but when they came back the tide was higher so it made it more difficult. So much for my nice walk on the beach and not getting in the water on the Sabbath!

Tanaka Farms

 Another year another field trip to Tanaka Farms and it will never get old! 
 So yummy!
Strawberries taste so much better when you pick them yourself. I could sit in that field for hours just eating them.
I think D feels the same way. Look at that strawberry face!

B's Birthday!

 For B's birthday this year we took his two closest friends and the family and went to dinner and a movie. He picked Outback. All the boys got ribs.
 I must say buying presents for the older kids is getting harder. I thought we came up with a good gift when we got him a Chargers jersey with Mathews on the back but he said it didn't count because Big B promised him the jersey when the Chargers made the play offs. So I guess I owe him.

 I made him the cake of his choice and then he decided to decorate it with silly candles and noodles. Why? I have no idea!
Making a wish! 
Happy Birthday my extremely smart, sensitive, loving boy!

Just Hanging Out

 One morning I came home from running and found these cute boys cuddling. No better way to start your day!
 These best buddies were just chatting away one afternoon and I couldn't help but sneak a picture.
 E's first time painting. Good thing we have Learning Links because I would never allow this in my house. He was a mess!
 I guess when you're done eating you start putting the food on your head. Where does he learn these things?!
Love this baby of mine!

Baseball Season

 Another long baseball season. C did really well this year. He will put up fights about going but when he gets there he does such a great job. He got game ball after having some great hits.
 He got another game ball because this game he made an amazing play at pitcher and then several at first base. This is the smile that everyone loves and comments on. 
 B coming in after a great hit and a stolen base!
 Listening to coach.
 Getting his trophy after his team got first in the regular season.
 C getting his trophy and award for his smile.
 B's team also won the play off tournament! Second year in a row of his team making it all the way to the end!
It makes for the longest season ever but it's so worth it! Go Cowboys!!


 Since I'm so far behind in my blogging I'll just do one post on the whole process of our loft remodel. Little back story first:) We were trying to sell the house and move and we we couldn't find the right house to buy in our price range we decided to stay and remodel the loft so we could fit better in our house. So the process began with cleaning everything out of the third floor. Yes E was very helpful!
 Our nice big play room was now empty and ready for construction.
 We decided to add a bathroom
 and a bedroom. Plus we would still have room for a little loft.
 The results are amazing! Who knew we could fit so much into our third level!
 We LOVE it! Now we never have to move.
 The bathroom is a tight squeeze but the boys don't care.
The two older boys are up there for now and they love it and hang out in their room all the time.


 Every year the Saturday before Easter Sunday we head to my parents for their community festivities. Cousins always join us.
 E was so fun to watch try and figure out the whole grabbing the candy thing. Of course he just wanted to eat and not grab.
 We were missing some cousins but these kids had plenty to share!
 B had baseball so even though A was to old we had her do it for him. I think there's plenty to go around.
 Easter Sunday!
 With 8 am church we had to wait to do our egg hunt for when we got home. I think the anticipation made it all the better.
 Once again had to eat what he found right away. Cutest thing!
 Everyone on the search for the big egg.
It was a beautiful day and I'm so glad that I know the Savior lives!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Road Trip- Part 6

 We couldn't go all that way and not go to Alcatraz. Thankfully A and B love this type of thing. They will read every plaque at a museum and really take it all in. C on the other hand didn't last through the whole tour.
 It's crazy the stories you hear about living on the island.
 Locking the kids up. Maybe now they'll be a little more grateful for everything!
 The view looking back into the city.
 In the gift store there was an old inmate of Alcatraz. It was so interesting to hear him answer everyones questions. We had to buy his book. I wish I had read his book before I met him so I could ask him more questions. Not the most well written book but you can borrow it anytime. So interesting!
 The view looking back at the island. 
 After our tour we were waiting for the bus to take us back to the hotel but unfortunately everyone else was taking the bus at the same time. So we decided to start walking and C did not like that idea. Poor guy had done so much on this trip and just wanted a break. He was such a trooper! We walked all the way back to the hotel but we did stop in Little Italy for a yummy dinner.
We also stopped in China Town for some late night shopping. It was a non stop, fulfilled, adventure that I'm so glad we did!!