Friday, July 26, 2013

4 Months Already!

 My baby is 4 months old already!
He has found his tongue and loves to do spit bubbles with it. He is in the 90th percentile for his weight and height. He is such a good baby!! 

On to Summer Fun!

 These neighborhood boys are so good to D. Always making her feel so big and included.
 Skateboard races and guess who won. They are the sweetest boys!!
 B got to go to a Mind Craft party. Mind Craft for 3 hours straight!
It was quite the set up! He had so much fun and could have stayed for 3 hours more!

B and D's Last Day

 These three buds on their last day of third grade.
 Walking home like always.
 D had her last day at the water park.
 They had so much fun getting to swim with each other.
Ending with lunch. It was a great preschool year with these crazies!

Elementary School Is Over For A

 Me with my soon to be middle schooler.
 A had lots of partying to end her 5th grade year. There was an all day country fair.
 The girls had so much fun!
 I really can't believe I'll have a kid old enough for middle school.
 The 5th grade also did a morning of memories. They sang the sweetest song and talked about their favorite things in elementary school. 
 It was really nice to end the year with so many kids we've known since kindergarten.
 A walking out of this school for the last time:( The parents all line up and the 5th graders walk through. It's called 5th Grade Clap Out. 
 My girl!!
 Next up was a pool party with friends.
 Then a sleepover.
A great way to end her elementary years. She is such a great student and wonderful person. I can't wait to see what is in store for her!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

D's First Dance Recital

 D is my little dancer! She really loves it and was so excited for her show. 
 The lighting was so bad that this is all I could get of her on stage.
 She did a little dance to Never Grow Up. So we told the girls they were in green tinker bell costumes.
 She did such a great job!! They were so cute and I thought they out performed all the other classes their age.
One proud momma! I'll probably start living through her now:) 

Dirtbags Win it All!!

 B's baseball team this year was the Long Beach Dirtbags. I really loved the name:) They had a really good season and we had high hopes for the championship. However, they lost the first game and that put them in the losers bracket. They could still win every game and beat the last team twice to win it all and they DID IT!! This is B getting his medal from his coach after the last game.
 Team picture!
 We couldn't go to the team party because it was on a Sunday so here B is getting his trophy from the regular season.
 Another team picture:)
 B with his medal and trophy! Such a fun season with a great coach. I might have the baseball bug now.

B and C's Music Performances

 C had his end of year kindergarten music performance. He looked so handsome!
 He claims he has stage fright...where did he learn that from?! But I caught him singing and participating.
 His class came down and did a song with a stick and when it landed on you you had to sing something. You could barely hear him but he did it!
 B had his end of year 3rd grade performance and he acted to cool for it.
 At first glance you might think he was singing his heart out but no he was yawning.
 He did sing and participate a little but at least he looked good up there!
I'm trying to take more pictures with me in them so my kids know I was there:)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Joseph Smith, Jr.

A had a wax museum project and she had to do it on Joseph Smith. She had to research him and then have a speech ready to present at the museum. Oh and she had to dress up to look like him. She spent 2 hours giving her speech over and over again to all the people that came in to the "museum".

Swim Lessons

 D was the only kid who needed swim lessons this year. She did really good.
 She had a great time with her little class and her teacher.
 Cutest swimmer there!
 The last day of class she got to jump off the diving board. She was excited because the older kids have all done it and were telling her about it.
 She did it 2 times.
 She could swim to the edge by herself too!
She did great and I'll have a great swimmer by the end of the summer. She loves the water!

Neighborhood Fun

 I really have the best neighbors! On this day we went for a hike together and lately D has really taken to the older boys. They play with her so well and give her tons of attention!
On Memorial Day we headed to the park for a neighborhood game of kickball. It was so much fun! I know we'll be doing that again.

Monday, July 1, 2013

C's Baseball Season

 C had a great baseball season this year. He was on the Red Sox and had the same coaches as last year. 
 His end of season party was at the water park after his last game.
 Here he is with his coaches getting his trophy.
 Of course they told him how much they love his smile. That's what everyone says about C!
And that smile just changed... C lost his first tooth!