Friday, January 29, 2010

Want Some Bread With Your Butter?

C likes to say "Me do it!" So this is what you get when a 2 year old butters his own bread.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Snow Fun

There was lots of playing in the snow while we were at the cabin. I think it snowed everyday we were there. The boys got grandpa to help them build a snowman.
C loved to play in the snow and would do so weather he was dressed to play in the snow or not. He was great at sled riding and when he would take a break from sledding he would eat the snow.
B sledding.
A sledding.
Big B and I took A and B skiing this year. They did pretty well but I think next year we'll try ski school. We love to visit the snow but I'm so glad we don't live in it. It's always fun to go to the cabin.

Happy New Year (from the Cabin)

We headed to the cabin for New Years and this is how we got to the airport. My dad didn't want to drive us so he got us a limo. It was fun but not like we thought it would be. Too many car seats, kids and getting car sick. B had to throw-up. Luckily my sister was right there to catch it:)
This was D's first time on a airplane. She did great.
Here are the men trying to figure out the best way to let off the fireworks. Earlier big B and my brother drove to Evanston, WY to buy the biggest and best fireworks. They were good fireworks, as big as any other show you have seen.
Not the best picture of them but the were letting them off in the back of the cabin and we were all watching form the door. A good way to ring in the New Year, family and fireworks.

Friday, January 15, 2010


This year we spent Christmas at home. (Well at my parents house.) This is the kids in their Christmas p.j's.
A and B got DS's, so this is what they looked like most of Christmas day. Santa gave everyone the WII so that was another place you would find them. Actually, that's where you would find Big B.
C got this big horse and LOVED it. His reaction in the morning was so dang cute. In the background you can see what Big B and I got. The whole family is now set up with bikes. I hope that becomes our family thing.
We aren't even that big of a family yet, compared to the Mathews side, but it is sure hard to get a good picture of all the kids. It was a great Christmas and we are so thankful for the wonderful blessings in our lives. We are a very lucky family!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Knotts Berry Farm

A few days before Christmas all the cousins on my side went to Knotts for the day. The kids had a blast going on all the rides. C's favorite was the log ride. I think he went on it four times!
A was tall enough for most the really big rides. This one went upside down and backwards. I can't believe she convinced me to go with her.

B was just barely too short to go on the big rides so he rode the log ride a lot with his cousin and C. He was a little bummed but still had fun.
This was the first ride we stopped to ride in Camp Snoopy. The two little ones almost cried but then when it stopped decided it was fun and wanted to go again. We also saw Snoopy on Ice. It was a good little show for the kids. A very fun and tiring day. Thanks grandma for taking us!