Saturday, December 3, 2011


I must say we live in the best place to trick or treat. With that said we draw a crowd for halloween. My parents and both brothers came over. B knows that whoppers are my dads favorite candy so he took all of his and his cousins and gave them to grandpa. One proud grandpa!
My brother is comes up with great ideas and his wife is great at executing them. They were In and Out workers and their baby was a hamburger...soooo cute.
Big B and I went to a Halloween party as cone heads and they were a big hit on the alley too.
For our alley Halloween dinner I made homemade root beer and the kids loved it when I put in the dry ice.
This year the kids wanted scary costumes so A was a vampire, B was a zombie, C was a mummy and the we had our princess. It was a very fun Halloween and the kids got TONS of candy.