Friday, January 22, 2016

D Turns 6!

 This little girl of mine is now 6!!
 This was a friend birthday year so D decided to go to Big Air for some jumping fun.
 There was a little dodge ball too.
 It was a big hit and no injuries!
 E was very into the dodge ball.
 All the party animals.
 D is so lucky to have so many friends where we live.
 The kids worked up an appetite after all that jumping so we had pizza and cake.
D loves to perform. She is always singing and dancing. She loves to be around her friends too. Our house would be very boring without her around!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nap TIme

 Nap time is slowly coming to an end. I put him in his bed and hear E come out of his room but he won't come get me because he doesn't want to get in trouble so he plays on the stairs until he crashes.
 On this day after he fell asleep I put him back in his bed and...
he woke up and went back to the stairs to fall back asleep. Crazy baby!

Band Concert

 B is playing the trombone in the 5th grade band this year.
 He has really enjoyed it.
I'm jus glad he choses not to practice much at home:)


 D and I got to go see Annie at the theater.
 My mom and nieces went with us.
 The girls loved it!
 She was so excited and wanted to sing along to every song. She loves to perform:)
Such a great afternoon together.

Scouts and Robotics

 Moving on from cub scouts to boy scouts.
 His new leader welcoming him into boy scouts.
 All the boys that moved up with him.
 He loves scouting!
He also loves robotics. This is his team after a competition they won.

School Performace

 C participating in his end of the year music performance.
 I did catch him singing a few times. He usually just stands there:)
Handsome boy!

B's Birthday

 My little boy turned 11!
 It's just a family year so we headed to our families favorite place to eat to celebrate. 
 Yes, B's best friend is welcome at the family "party".
This boy is amazing! He puts his heart into everything he does. He loves football and baseball, he's a great student and so good with his siblings. I really wouldn't know what to do without him around.

Breast Cancer Fund Raiser

 My parents help a black tie event at their house to support breast cancer research. 
 Even the oldest grandkids were able to attend.
 There was a great turn out and everything looked wonderful.
 They were able to raise a lot of money.
 There was a big fight on that night so after the program everyone flocked to the T.V's.
Gathering around another T.V.

Baseball Season

 This kid had a great season and got the game ball more than once.
 And this kid wishes he could play with his brothers. He would throw the biggest fits when I wouldn't let him stay at the big boys practices.
 Globe Lane baseball boys!
 B's team won league champs! His 3rd year in a row.
They then went on to TOC and lost after a few games. It was such a great season for both boys!

5th Grade Science Camp

 Sending B off to 5th grade science camp for the week.
 D and E waving bye.
 And there he goes!
 He had his best friend with him the whole time so he was one happy boy.
He's back!! He loved it and had so much to tell me and couldn't wait to show me what he learned.

Moon Caves

 The kids would not let us leave Panaca without a visit to the moon caves.
 They love exploring them and seeing how far back they can get.
 I even did more exploring than I usually do.
 Always so much fun!
Happy exploring:)
 All of the two year olds together again.
It has been so fun seeing these kids, who were born a month apart of each other, grow from babies to toddlers. I just wish they lived closer so they could really grow up together.