Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Sawdust Festivle!

A and I went to the Sawdust Festivle in Laguna Beach. We went with some good friends for a girls night out. We took a trolley from our car to the festivle.
The little girls got toe rings. We did this awhile back and A got one then too, so we had to do it again.
Then Mel and I decided we would give it a try too. I must admit, it's been a few days and I'm not completely use to it yet.
Now we all feel so complete. A good pedicure and a toe ring. (Erika didn't need to add any more toe rings to her already dazzleing toes.)
We ended the night at BJ's but to bad for A the pizookie didn't come fast enough. What a fun night, thanks ladies and little gals.


C has gotten into the Olympics just as much as the rest of us. He will get all excited when he hears the crowd clapping and then he'll run up to the T.V. and point.
He then steps back to clap. This gets repeated until he takes an interest in something else. We'll be sad to have nothing to watch until all hours of the night.

Beach Days

We have certainly created a beach girl out of this one!
This summer we have really taken advantage of the beach. We have gone at least once a week, only missing the weeks we've been out of town. We'll be sad to see the lazy days at the beach go.
This one loves the rock but mostly he comes to the beach to eat. The moment we get there he is in the beach bag digging out the food and juice boxes.
B has finally taken to boggie boarding. It just took a little longer then A.
My California beach bums!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Megan's Baby!

I never posted a picture of my new niece. S0 here she is, a week and a half old. This was just taken today. (I thought an updated picture was better then her new born picture.) I'm sure I'll be her favorite aunt but first I need to get her mother, or father rather, to move to Cali.

SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance)

So a few weeks ago I got tickets to go see the best show ever, So You Think You Can Dance. A friend also got tickets so we had a great group of girls. We waited in line outside on the street. Then again but a little closer to the studio and then stood for three more hours inside. It was so much standing but well worth it.
We got the special blue wrist bands which ment we got to be on the risers above the stage. We had a pretty good view and we also made it on T.V.
(You could only see us if you knew where to look.)
Here is Mia Michaels leaving after the show.
After it was over we went to the Grove to recoop before heading home. It was a blast and I will be so sad to have the show end next week.