Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birthday Happenings

I should have put this picture after the next one but I'm not good enough at this yet to change it. So this is us playing games after our yummy dinner. A great night with great people.
Some good friends of mine put together a dinner at Wood Ranch for four of us who had birthdays in July. They did a great job of making it more then just a dinner. They had made a braclet for each guest and a necklece and earings for the birthday girls. It was wonderful! Thanks ladies for making the evening wonderful.

Then just a small group of us went to California Adventure. It was difficult getting our kids taken care of so early in the day but once we got there it was a blast.
This was the last ride of the night, Soaring Over California. We felt a little better when going on this one. Most of us felt sick after going on so many carnival type rides without taking the normal breaks for diaper changes, potty breaks, and mild tantrums.
Strike a pose girls! But don't get wet.
It was a good thing Erika had her emergancy blanket on hand. Always be prepared! I was sure tired after that day but it was a ton of fun. Thanks for getting us in Kami. Great idea girls!

Marens getting MARRIED!!

My sister in laws and I went to Marens bridal shower. A got to come too! It's a good thing we did because we sure spiced things up. I think every bride to be needs to be a little embaressed. We'll just say our present wasn't something I was going to post on my blog.
Maren with A. Maren has always loved seeing the kids.
They put together a little Bridal Bingo. We got to fill in our own spots, so I stratigically placed the things we got her in one row and magical I won. Well I waited to get bingo twice because I started feeling guilty. I won a really nice bowl. It was a great night. Congrats on your up coming marrage, Maren!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me:)

I have pictures to post but wanted to wait to collect a few more and put together a better post. I just wanted to thank everyone for remembering me on my special day. It was a great weekend. Brent did a lot of little extra things to help out and he even installed cabinets in the laundry room for me.
Most of today was spent stressing out about my sister having her baby. It looks like she will be born the day after my birthday but only because she is in Utah and they are an hour later there. Megan you are a trooper. I'm proud of you and you will make a wonderful mother. I know that because you have been a great aunt to my kids and we all love you. Congrats on the new baby!!

Take me out to the ball game!

Just a little side note. Our camera broke while in Panaca. The screen doesn't allow us to see exactly what we are taking a picture of. Saturday we got to go to the Angels game. They played Boston and won... of course.
Just eating our way to the end of the game. Thanks for the tickets Grandpa!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

An unexpected stop in Zion

Just as we were about to pass the exit to Zion we decided we should stop and hike a little. Such an amazing place.
All of us hiked but C. He enjoyed being carried but most of all he enjoyed the rocks.
The best part of the day was after hiking three miles there was a refreshing river to play in. I don't know why Brent and I never took advantage of living so close to such a pretty place when we were in Cedar. We are thinking to make this a stop in our Panaca trip every year.


Not that you can tell but A and I are tubing behind my uncle's new boat. This was the best part of the trip for A and B.
This is me and B. They had such a great time. We are going to try it behind the jet ski in the ocean.

Kimberly & Cade's Wedding

This is the new Mr. & Mrs. Booth. It was such a great wedding. Everything turned out wonderful.
The best family picture we could get before they came out of the temple.

The Fourth of July in Panaca

After the "big" firework show in Panaca Brent put on his own show.
The boys sure did get into it!
C loved all the fireworks. It was more fun to watch him then the fireworks.
Poor A slept during daddy's show.
But B was right in all the action!