Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Panaca and the Spring

The spring was another must in our 1 day in Panaca. A and C caught some little fish.
Everyone jumped off the wall.
C even gave it a try...with a little help. Notice D even was in line to do it.
Everyone had a great time cooling off at the spring.
In one day in Panaca we did some hiking, 4 wheeling, cave exploring, swimming, horse riding, cattle looking, and a cookout. What a way to start off a trip!

Panaca and the Moon Caves

The moon caves are in Cathedral Gorge and they are very fun to explore in.
The kids can explore a ton but never really get lost.
After we explored we tested our balance.
Everyone passed the balance test:)

Panaca and Horses!

We did another big trip to Panaca and Utah. This time we took our neighbors. What would a trip to Panaca be without horses. Our kids LOVE horses and D is no exception.
Everyone got about 3 turns and they could have had more. Thanks to my nieces who help us!!
These two have know each other their whole lives and loved traveling together.
This was a site to see. My good friend wasn't so sure about the horses or this trip at all but I think we convinced her how great the outdoors can be.
The hat was compliments of my dad. He really wanted him to look the part while we were in Panaca.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Bike Ride to Ruby's

We really love riding our bikes. We got them 2 Christmas' ago and have really enjoyed them. We've even got the neighbors into it now. We often ride our bikes to Ruby's or even the beach.
We usually have to take over several booths with our big crew. Adult table...
Boy table...
Girl table.
The kids love it and could probably do it by themselves now cause they know the way so well.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cousins Photo Shoot

I wish we would have known they were going to be so cooperative. We would have dressed them better!
After every picture the would both run up and say I see then go back and take another picture.
Too Cute!!
I think this is my favorite.


The kids and I took a trip to Vegas to help my sister in law. She was diagnosed with colon cancer and was going through chemo and I wanted to help her. The kids had lots of fun with their cousins. D and her cousin her age have a love/hate relationship but the last night we were there they put on a little photo shoot for us and we got some great pictures.
This was right before the photo shot happened.

We watched a lot of RIO cause Vegas was of course to hot to play outside. The kids would dance to the songs.
One of the days we headed to a neighbors pool to cool off.
Another day we went to Target to buy a slip n slide. I found a great deal on one so we played in the back yard and had popsicles. I was so glad we were able to go to help out and play.