Tuesday, March 11, 2014

E Turns 1!!

 Can't believe my baby is 1! He is such a great baby but I must say I'm glad for the first year to be behind us. It was a rough year for me. Adjusting to 5 was hard! But of course I wouldn't change having E in our family! He started his day with his favorite breakfast, waffles.
 We did a family party at the pool. A insisted we had balloons because E loves them. He scares me with balloons but for his birthday we had to get them.
 He loves the water.
 He also loves all the attention.
 He really wanted to touch the candle so it didn't last long.
 He didn't know what to do with the cake till he got his first taste.
 Once he got his first taste it was all over!
 My crew!
 The cousins came to swim and celebrate.
 By the end he was very willing to share. He kept feeding everyone. It was very cute!
 I think it's safe to say he liked his cake.
Such a happy boy! He has been such a blessing in our home. If anyone is ever sad I just hand E to them and they are instantly happy. He brings us all joy! At his 12 month check up he was 31 inches long and weighed 22 pounds 12 ounces. He likes all foods and loves playing in the playroom. Even better is being outside, preferably on a slide. He's sleeping pretty good now and loves to give hugs. 

Disneyland with Cousins

 We bought the two day pass so we had to go back:) My sister came for a visit and we pulled the kids out of school and went with her and my brothers family too. The first thing we did was wait in line to meet Elsa and Ana. Olaf was outside talking to us as we waited in line. 
 I think it's safe to say everyone was excited. The boys do love the movie and I'll catch them singing the songs. A too!
 Dream come true for D!
 We went on Space Mt. several times since other big rides were closed. D couldn't get enough.
 We found Minnie Mouse!
 A storm trooper snuck up on us while we were visiting with Minnie.
 We tried to get a picture with the whole gang on Pirates but there were to many of us.
 E on Dumbo. I think it's safe to say he loved Disneyland too.
 I told you we went on it several times:)
 The parade was definitely a highlight of the day. We got to see so many characters!
You can never see enough princesses! 
It was so fun to be there with all my family! I think we might have found a new tradition.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

C's Birthday at California Adventure

 We haven't had passes to Disneyland in a long time because they have got so expensive. They are running a deal right now for Southern California residents and so we decided to take advantage of it especially because my parents gave us Disney money for Christmas. So for C's birthday we headed to California Adventure. It was so much fun!! We started in Cars Land and loved it. 
 Toy Story ride
 D met Sophia the first
 She also went on Tower of Terror! We are in the first row. I love that all my kids will try all the rides and aren't scared. It made the day that much more fun.
 Instead of cake C settled for the biggest ice cream Sunday.
 Don't think he was too disappointed.
 He was finally tall enough for the big coaster. He was a little hesitant to ride it but loved it and went on it several times.
It was the best day! There really is something magical about that place.
 Happy Birthday C! We love you and couldn't imagine our lives without your smile!!

Random Happenings

 A visit to the Mission where E discovered the coy fish. He would have jumped in to play if I would have let him.
 A little panning for gold.
 We said good bye to bullseye. I was done telling the kids to take care of him. They didn't seem to care so I found a nice home for him.
 E getting a taste of C's popsicle. He's starting to figure out how good life is!
Cute dancing friends! These girls are so fun to watch.

Spilled Milk

 Don't cry over spilled milk or for me don't yell over spilled milk! C was getting the milk out for a drink and he dropped the gallon. The carton broke and milk went EVERYWHERE. I was sitting at the table with A and B and we got pretty wet. 
I wish you could see it better in this picture. It was all over the glass, piano, walls, everywhere! It was so nice to see all the kids jump up and help clean it up. 

California Winter

 As much as we love to visit the snow we love coming home to this beautiful weather.
 Swimming in January?!! Can't get much better then that.
 Park days are nice too and this guy loves the slide.
 I feel like these two don't get to the park much so with the nice weather I had no excuse to go.
 One saturday there was some really low tide so we headed to the beach for the night to look at the tide pools.
 The water was so low that we saw tons of star fish.
 The kids had so much fun looking for all types of sea life.
 There was a beautiful sunset too!
 Happy clan!!
After hiking around the beach and rocks we ended going into a little cave. We really take for granted where we live. I wish we did this more often!

Cabin Crazies

 When they aren't outside they are in the cabin causing trouble.
 Good thing they had an aunt bring some fun things like airplanes to fly off the balcony.
 This trouble wasn't the kids doing but their Uncles. He just might be a pyro and Big B just might be too. 
 The best way to ring in the new year.
Before heading home we went to watch the speed skating trails. The kids actually got into it! It was, as always, a great trip to the cabin.