Thursday, November 18, 2010

Quick Trip Away

I got to take a quick weekend trip to Utah...all by my self!! I went to go see this cutie. Big B's littlest sister had her baby at 32 weeks and so she's been in the NICU. She is definitely a miracle and we are glad she's here.
I stayed with my sister but spent a day getting the nursery organized and a game plan for how to decorate it. I'm pretty close with this SIL because she lived with us for a summer so it was nice to spend some time with her.

She also has my old car which was originally my grandpas. So I took it for a drive and took a picture for my mom.
Pathetic I know but that's about all the pictures I got. I was too busy having fun to remember to take pictures. I spent a whole day with Big B's other 2 sisters and my sister. We went shopping, to a chick flick, out to dinner, then to dessert, and ended up talking around the kitchen table for awhile. An old friend even met us for the movie. It was great to have a girls weekend and I got everything in I wanted to do. Thanks to my sister for making it all happen!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Silly D

Why is it that the fourth child doesn't get as much as the first? No baby book, no 1 year old pictures, etc., etc. D is almost 18 months and I feel like I have barely documented her life. She is definitely the craziest baby we have ever had. I think she is just keeping up with the others.
D is very into getting her picture taken. When she sees the camera she say "Cheese". This is her classic smile.

On our quick trip we would get the camera out to distract her and make her happy.
This little trick even worked when we were in the car. At one point she loved putting her blanket on her head which lead to a lot of peek-a-boo.
Even if shes crazy and wears me out I love her and would never trade her. Her personality and spunk make up for how tired she makes me. Who could resist this face?!!

Grandma Hunt

Our surprise trip to Utah was to celebrate the life of big B's grandma Hunt. She was his last grandparent and the last great-grandparent the kids had. She was an amazing women and had so much energy at age 85. I couldn't believe the trips she would go on. She even came to visit us when C got blessed. I will never forget how much that meant to me.
All of big B's brothers and sisters were there. We didn't take many pictures but this candid one had most in it. Grandma Hunt had 52 grandchildren and 86 great-grandchildren. She was very loved and a great example.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick or Treat?!

We ended up in Utah for Halloween which worked out for trick or treating because Utah did it on Saturday so the kids got to go. My aunt wasn't expecting us and when the kids went to her house for a treat she got a trick. She was very surprised to see her favorite nieces and nephews at her door.
Right before we left for Utah we went to our Trunk or Treat. A is starting to be very into her friends. These girls are her best buds.
This year A was a zombie, B a ninja, C Buzz Light (as he calls him), and D an elephant.

Here is the gang carving the pumpkins.
We had our very own walking jack-o-lantern this year. B lost 3 teeth in one week.

Irvine Park with Preschool

C, D and I went to Irvine Park with the preschool group. There was so much to do there with Halloween just around the corner.
My kids must really miss Panaca because they loved these horses.

We did the train and the zoo along with the other things around the pumpkin patch. The kids had a blast. We'll have to do this one again!