Monday, February 25, 2013

Before Baby E

 I tried to do a few special things in the days before baby E was due to come. With our neighbors we went to Farrell's for ice cream. Banana split and ice cream nachos...yummy!  
 Valentines was the day before I had to go in so I made red velvet, heart shaped pancakes. They turned out better then I thought they would and the kids thought they were pretty cool.
I thought I needed to take a picture of my belly before I went in. So here I am at 39 weeks the night before my c-section.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


 This is the only picture I have of C on his real birthday. This morning he was up earlier then normal and started getting dressed when I told him he needed a bath first so he took the fastest bath,  got dressed, ate breakfast, packed his backpack and then asked if he could play Skylanders. He told me he really wanted to play before school because A and B wouldn't be there to tell him what to do. He was so dang cute about it!
It soon became a family affair and even Big B is addicted to the game. I'm not a fan of electronics so we'll see how long I can handle hours wasted with this game. I guess with baby coming it will be a good babysitter:)

C's Birthday

 It was C's year for a friend party and he picked bowling. I figured it was a good pick because if I had the baby early it would be easy for Big B and my mom to handle. Well baby didn't come early so it was nice to not have to do much but show up and supervise kids. C was a happy boy!
 We had a hour of bowling which I think was too long for 5 and 6 year olds but they had fun.
 They had lots of fun competing with each other. Just about every time they got done bowling they would ask if they were winning.
 C showing his stuff!
 C getting ready to make a wish. His grandma and him decorated his cake. I got a plain cake and then they bought things so they could change it into a bowling cake. C was so proud of it!
 The party crew finishing up their pizza and waiting for cake. 
 Onto the gifts. He got some great things but his most favorite was a video game, skylanders. Several people went in on it because it was so expensive. He was so surprised! I had already told him he wasn't getting it because it was so expensive and he had the cutest response. He said, "I know I can't get Skylanders but for my birthday can I just have a play date with someone who has it." It was so cute!!
So when he opened the game it was a great response. I couldn't even get a good picture because he couldn't stop moving. It was a great party and C loved it!

More Random Things

 After the baby shower the garage was filled with things for the baby. D had a great time going through it all. She came across the carrier and had to know how it worked and gave it a try with one of her dolls. She is going to be overly helpful and I'm getting scared about it.
 Basketball season is now over. Big B had a rough time coaching. It was a bigger commitment then football. Now on to baseball. No coaching or team mom!
 A friend gave me a double stroller and D has loved going on walks in it but I make A take her because I'm not up for walks these days. On this day they came up with the idea to take a picnic to the park. I gave A my phone just in case and found these picture on it later.
 Thank goodness I have A!!!
A is studying American history in school this year and right now they are doing the American Revolution. The school had something called Walk Through the American Revolution where every kid had to be a person in history and also reenact a battle. It was very long but I really liked hearing all the history. A was Betsy Ross. She memorized her part and did very well. I love hands on learning!!

Baby E's Baby Shower

 This pictures all in a random order but you'll still get how amazing my shower was. My best friend of 16 years put together this shower for me and it was wonderful! The theme was milk and cookies.
 People brought all types of cookies for the cookie bar. Good thing I didn't care about gaining any weight because I tried everyone of them!

 More of the yummy cookies.
 There was milk, chocolate milk and water with cute mason jars and straws to drink from.
 The set up.
 I really didn't have much for baby E but I was so spoiled that he will now be well dressed for the first 6 months of his life! So blessed!
 Part of the decor were these cute personalized onsies. Good thing we had some initials to go with since we still don't have a name.
More personalized onesies, his blessing outfits and ultra sound pictures.
 My mom and sister in laws were able to make it. It was great to have them there.
 Great friends made the night!
 The best party planner, hostess I know! She did such a great job with the shower and really spoiled me.
 More friends to celebrate with.
 A little mail center to make writing thank you cards easier for me. Great idea!
More good friends.
 The cookie bar set up.
Alley girls minus one. 
It really was a great night and got me more excited for baby E. So thankful for great friends!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

C's Music Demonstration

 C had a music demonstration at school. He looked very cute up there but I wish he would have sung a little more. I don't know if he opened his mouth for even half the songs.
 Of course my pictures didn't upload in the right order but this was him walking in. I LOVE his smile!!
 Him and I after his show was over.
At one point in the show his class got to show us a dance song they learned. At least he danced with the class since he didn't sing much. I love this age and watching C grow and learn so much.


 Big B's cousin came to town with her husband and 3 girls. They were doing a big Disneyland trip and came a day early to visit us. We took a great Sunday morning walk on the beach. To bad it wasn't as warm as it was 2 weeks before but that didn't stop the kids from having a blast.
There were plenty of rocks to climb, seaweed to drag and sand to wiggle toes in. It was a fun morning.

Random Fun

 I had 3 sickies at home one day. Luckily it wasn't to bad.
 Coming home from another date:)
 There was a Monday with no school and we had the best weather. We usually have great weather but in January to be hot enough to go to the beach was wonderful! 
 D loves taking pictures with my phone and I found this one on there. She feeds Turtle most days and must have decided he needed his picture taken. Our turtles real name is Bulls Eye but we all just call him turtle.
 My sister came to town with just one of her girls and we only got one night with her. At one point everyone was huddled around an electronic. Pathetic! But my sister and I were able to talk and catch up.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Gets Glasses

 A had been telling me for awhile that she thought she needed glasses and I finally got her an appointment. (One of things on my list to get done before baby.) Sure enough she needed glasses.
 We tried on several pairs and text the pictures to family to help us decide which ones.
 I think she really likes having glasses. She looks pretty good in them too!
Hopefully her eyes are like mine and don't get much worse as she ages.