Thursday, December 26, 2013

Breaking Tradition

 Big B's parents are serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Thatcher, Arizona. They are working in the institute with all the college students. So we broke tradition to visit them and see what they do in Thatcher. There is a temple there and you could even see it from their front door! 
 It was closed for Thanksgiving so we could only see it from behind the gates. It amazes me how temples are being built all over even in such small towns as Thatcher.
 My best friend from high school ended up in Thatcher to play basketball for college so I took some picture for her. I still can't believe she ended up there for two years!
 There is a mountain close by and we went up it for a picnic and there was snow. We had a snowball fight and did some small hikes.
 Handsome fellows enjoying the outdoors.
 These crazies love being outside! Sometimes I think we should be living somewhere like Thatcher or Panaca. 
E getting some grandpa time. They do share the same middle name.
We also spend a lot of time playing at the institute, took a walk around town, and helped grandma put on a yummy Thanksgiving dinner. It was great time!

Palm Springs

 For Thanksgiving this year we broke tradition and missed out on Panaca to visit Big B's parents on their mission in Arizona. On our way there we spent one night in Palm Springs and did a really fun hike to this waterfall. The kids had so much fun climbing rocks and hiking that they said it was even more fun then Disneyland. (They haven't been to Dland in so long I think they forgot how fun it is.)
 Getting to the waterfall wasn't enough so then we had to figure out how to get on the big island rock even closer to the waterfall.
 Cutest little tag alongs I've ever seen. They actually kept up really well and did everything the bigger kids did.
 They all made it!
There were so many pretty picture to take. We had a great time!

Day Out With Dad

 It's not often we go out around town with Big B. Our Saturdays are usually filled with sports and just getting things done. Our house is on the market and we had an open house so we need to stay away for a few hours. We started with lunch at the metal slides. 
 Out of all the nice slides and parks we have by our house the kids prefer these old slides by the discovery museum.
 We hit the discovery museum after the slides. Another favorite place.
Just a random cute picture of E:)

Lakers Game

 One of Big B's subcontractors took us out to dinner and a Lakers game. It was so much fun! I have never been to a Lakers game and we had some really close seats.
I thought we got a picture of the two of us but I guess I deleted it:( It was fun to see the players interact on the bench. If I ever go back it'll be hard to beat this night.

Starting a Business

 Combat Cleaning is up and running! My friend and I have started a cleaning business that cleans up construction sites before they get turned over to the owners. So far no employees so it's up to us to get the job done. The hope is to do less cleaning and more managing but it'll take awhile.
Luckily I have a great friend, business partner, that makes it fun. This job was actually a blast and we laughed a ton together.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Fall Fun

 Playing with her cousin at grandma's house. My kids will be sad the day my parents yard actually becomes more then just dirt. They love exploring, creating, and getting dirty.
 Thanksgiving prep! Thankful tree and a little indian.
 A learned how to make a picture of wheat in the top of a pie from my mom who learned from her grandma. Traditions!
Entertaining each other during B's football game.

Sea World Field Trip

 Sea World offers the best deal for preschool field trips. We get in for so cheap and it's the best day! Last year I took the whole family but this year just D, E and I went with others from D's class.
 D and her best bud from school with a penguin of course.
 Shark encounter! Love seeing them so close.
Touching the rays. I wish I could have got a picture of her on the big water ride they have. She loved it!
Even though it was a short visit (we had to get home by the time the big kids got out of school) it was lots of fun.