Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Day Trip

We took a day trip to LA. We did Hollywood, got yummy ice cream sandwiches by UCLA, went to see the Grey Stone Mansion, the Donheny's house, (since my parents now live in the Doheny beach house), and of course we took time to stop at the temple.
The last time we were there the visitor center was under contraction and now it was finished to we got to go in and take a look.
This is just a random picture of a summer store we had. We never get summer storms and that is one thing I do actually miss about living in Utah.

Beach Days with the Neighbors

We headed to the beach with our neighbors to get off the alley for a little bit. There was lots of fun in the sun!
B found a rock to jump off like a diving board when the water came in.
The older kids loved being in the water.
And getting right in the big waves.
This year the beach has been lots of fun and we haven't got to be there near as much as we would like. Glad we got this trip in!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

County Fair

Every year we try and hit the county fair. This year we started out looking at the animals and we were lucky enough to see the baby pigs. The kids could have watched them most the night.
We let the kids to just a few rides. This was their first choice.
They let D go as long as she went with A. I'm so glad have A as my helper!
It didn't take long before we had to hit the good fair food. We had al types of yummy things. This HUGE corn dog was a hit.
The only reason Big B really likes to go to the fair is the food.
We had to explain to the kids that we would get lots of food but everyone would only get a few bites of everything. That way we could try more things. We also tried deep fried Klondike bar, BBQ corn, lemonade, and more.

County Fair, part 2

There was an ice house with some very cool ice sculptures in it. This was in there but the lighting wasn't good enough to see everyone.
The Chainsaw Chicks did a demonstration of ice sculpting. The kids really liked it.
The finished products were a dolphin and a penguin. Because penguins are black and white they made the ice turn black with the torch.
B guessed what the one chick was making and so she said he could have the dolphin. He didn't understand why we couldn't really take it home. But he settled for a picture with it instead.
This was also in the ice house. All ice, even the colored stuff. Pretty cool!

County Fair, Part 3

The kids really wanted to go over to the bigger rides but they were a little crazy. They found this log ride they really wanted to do. It was sooo many tickets!
Big B loves to eat his way through the fair and I guess little B is following in his foot steps.
Just hanging around.
C is really into dinosaurs and there was a little exhibit one them. He asked to have his picture taken with this guy.
We ended the night with C and D going on this ride. We had just enough tickets left for them. The fair was a great, expensive night. Till next year county fair:)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy 24th of July

If we're not out of town for the 24th then we always go to our big stake party. They have games food, music and friends. Last time we came home with 1 gold fish but this we came home with 4. C and D loved them! But a little to much. D can climb on all our counters and so we found her next to the fish putting lotion in the bowl and C had fed them...way to much. Needless to say the fish didn't make it to see the next day.

Family Beach Day

When summer comes to an end we always regret not going to the beach more as a family. The kids and I try and go a lot but Big B never gets to come. D loved him there!
I did too! It was a nice break for me. I rarely get to relax on the beach.
The kids complain about going to the beach but once they're there they could spend all day.
With Big B there they had so much fun in the water. He put them on his back and went out "far".
The beach we went to had great tide pools. We saw a huge red starfish! The kids loved exploring and climbing rocks. Have I ever said how much I love where we live?!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I guess this summer must be pretty fun or at least tiring. A and B read a lot this July trying to earn all the prizes they could from the library and the reading program. Actually this summer has been really hard for me. The kids have been at each other constantly and really wearing me down. I'm excited for a trip to get us out of here!

Dessert at Farrell's

We decided to head to Farrell's for some yummy ice cream. They have many things to choose from and we decided on the Pig Trough. It was 2 banana splits in 1 trough.
We had no problem polishing it off and so they made all of stand with our finger on our noses and repeat the pig trough salute.
D even had to participate.
Then we got a blue ribbon. We gave it to B cause he ate a ton and really wanted to be in eating contest they were having the next day.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Reunion, Part 4

Friday night we all headed to the Angles game. As you can tell from the picture our kids were pretty tired by then.
They woke up and were all ready for the game. You can't see everyone very well but there are a lot of people walking to the game in this picture.
B had fun dancing like the rally monkey with his cousin. All their dancing paid off cause the Angels won!
It was hard to get a good group shot so this is just a third of the group.
This is my whole group shot but you can't see everyone very well. It was a fun night. Glad we were able to pull it off. The reunion was a blast and I'm so glad we got all but 1 person there. I love getting together every year and am already looking forward to next years reunion. (I did make a separate region book with lots more pictures.)

Reunion, Part 3

This is the view from our campsite. Not bad!
What would a Mathews reunion be without horse shoes? Luckily there was a pit in our site.
Here is a bunch of the boys playing at Strand beach. We headed there Friday afternoon to experience a different type of beach.
Here are some of the girls enjoying the water.
And Grandpa enjoying a nap in the shade.