Saturday, June 29, 2013

D's Birthday Day

 The day started like everyday...her "playing" with Baby E and asking me to take a picture of them.
 Then it was off to school. Because we had already done her party it was a pretty low key day. I did take cupcakes to school.
 The kids sang and then she blew out the pretend candle because I forgot to bring some.
After school I took her and her best bud to get slurpees. She was very sad her party was for girls only. She really wanted me to have Spiderman come too just so this cute guy could come. They play 2 times a week together and we couldn't have a birthday with out him. I told D she could pick out any place to eat for dinner and she picked Panda Bear Express. So we ended the day there. My baby girl is now 4... where has the time gone!

A's Flute Concert

 This year at school A has been learning the flute. My sister played a little and so we tracked down her old flute for A to use. We were sitting front row right in front of A so we were making faces at her.
 She has become pretty good and has really enjoyed it.
 It was a pretty impressive concert with three schools and many different band instruments. After watching her concert I was able to talk her into continuing the flute in middle school. 
I wanted a good close up of her and her flute and this is what I got.

D's Birthday Party

 First I must say that I love a good deal and all the deal sites have some good ones. Like this one! Cinderella came to our house for 2 hours and did pretty much the whole party. D was in heaven the entire time!!
 Honestly she didn't deserve the party because she had been peeing in her pants and I was fed up with her but I couldn't pass it up. I'm so glad I did the party because I threatened Cinderella wouldn't come and it fixed the peeing problem. I can finally say D is potty trained, after a year and a half, and I owe it to Cinderella. My stubborn little D!

 A group shot with all the little princesses that came.
 The party started with "tea" and sandwiches.
 Cinderella taught them some manners.
 And how to hold their cup of tea. Pinkies up!
 It actually took some of the girls awhile to warm up to Cinderella. They were star struck. But soon that faded and they couldn't stop talking to her. It was so cute to watch them.
 After tea they made up a dance together. Cinderella started with a move and every girl got to add something on. It was adorable! After dancing Cinderella told them her story and painted everyones face. Then we sang Happy Birthday and ate the pink cupcakes. (I think my mom has those pictures)
 We had to rush at the end to open presents because the girls were having so much fun with everything else.
 D was very spoiled with lots of princess things, crafts and more.
It was fun to watch C during the party. You could tell he wanted to participate but wouldn't because it was a girl thing. He was always just on the outside of what was happening and never left the party. A and B were hardly around. At the end Cinderella painted his face and he loved that. 
The party was wonderful and easy. D can be so difficult but she is so cute at the same time. I always say she saves herself by doing something cute right after driving me nuts. Our house would be boring without her and we LOVE her!

More Random Happenings

 A LOVES being on the swim team! She wishes I would stay and watch her at every practice but that would be everyday!
 When we were thinking of getting pregnant I thought about lots of things but I never thought about what it would bring out in the older kids. I love to watch them with Baby E! 
 Off to play some baseball at the butterfly chairs. Have I ever mentioned that I love where I live!!
 D and I were pulling into the alley when I had to slam on the brakes so I wouldn't hit this quail and her 9 babies. We got out of the car and watched them forever.
 They started leaving the alley and so we started following them but I guess we were following a little to close because the momma started going in the bushes and lost a chick.
 I tried to help the chick along but finally just picked it up and took it to where the mom was. We sure had a fun time watching them.
My Baby E isn't such a newborn anymore:(  He is such a good baby and can put a smile on anyones face.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday B!!

 B's birthday fell on a Saturday so it was a busy day of baseball but we managed to go out to breakfast before the games.
 We brought cupcakes to celebrate at baseball.
 Then we went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory. A family favorite!!
But by the end of the meal he came up with the idea of going to Farrells for ice cream. The wait to be seated was way to long so we got it to go and ate it in the food court. We ordered the Pig Trough which is a double banana split. It was gone super fast and oh so good! I think B had a great day. He is such a good, smart boy and we are so glad he's ours!!


 B has really loved scouting! He has accomplished a lot and has earned lots of awards.
 With this next birthday he gets to move up to be a Bear.
He passed off everything he needed to to earn his Wolf fangs. So glad he loves it now if only I can figure out scouting better!

Random Cuteness

 My dad is no longer a season ticket holder for the Angels so going to a game doesn't happen as often. Big B got some tickets from work and the boys went. This is the only picture that got sent to me. Looks like C had a great time.
 Tummy time for everyone!
 After we picked A up from 5th grade camp we went for some ice cream to hear about her adventure.
 Late night for A, me and Ben and Jerry's.
 E all dressed up for church.
D had her chance to give the scripture and prayer at church. She did such a good job! She really wanted to say the prayer with no help so I let her and she did pretty good except at the end she said "the end". It was pretty cute and got a few laughs from the adults.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A's Pictures From Camp

 A had lots of nature pictures so I thought I'd put one up.
 These are two of best friends that she got to room with. She was gone Tuesday to Friday! She learned so much and had so much fun.
 I thought the story on this tree was interesting. The birds peck holes in the tree and put acorns in the holes to make the bugs come out of the tree and eat the acorns. Then the birds can reach the bugs and eat them.
 There was a ropes course that was way up in the air. A made it through all of them.
 They also made rockets and launched them.
I think she might have had the most fun with archery. I can't believe how much they got to do in the 4 days they were there. She loved the food, the friends and all the adventurous things they did!

Friday, June 21, 2013

5th Grade Science Camp

 The most anticipated thing in 5th grade is Science Camp. These pictures are at the school the morning A left. 
 We had no idea who her roommates would be but these girls ended up in the same cabin.
 My baby girl getting ready to leave me for 4 days.
 Not even looking back:(
And she's off! I'll have to get some pictures from her to post of the whole experience.