Thursday, April 29, 2010

B's Injury

Our poor B seems to be the one that is always getting hurt. During our spring break the boys went to the desert with my brother and while getting out of one of the sand cars B stepped on the exhaust pipe with no shoes on. The bottom of his foot got a huge blister and another small one right under his toes. He managed to still have a great time and handled it pretty well, especially after the men drugged him with who knows what. However when he got home all of a sudden it hurt so much he couldn't even go to school the first day back. I guess boys will be boys.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let Summer Begin!!

Our weather has gone back and forth a lot lately. But we had a few days of very nice pool and beach weather. D is going to make a great beach baby.
We have enjoyed our share of cool and refreshing treats too!
D even gets some when C is willing to share. I love our weather. One of the big reasons I love living where we live.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Easter Afternoon

The race is on! After conference we went to my brothers house to have dinner and hang out. Aunt C made gorgeous eggs out of material and they had a little pocket for a piece of candy. Uncle R was kind enough to even put some dollars bills in some of the eggs. It was a great hunt.
C and his cousin had a little too much candy that day.

Here are the kids with their cousins after they had found the eggs. I love that they live close to some cousin but always wish they lived close to even more.

Easter Morning

It was kind of nice having Easter fall on conference weekend. We got to have a lazy morning and do homemade conference cinnamon rolls. (I only make them when it conference is on.) This D enjoying the left over cinnamon roll plate.
Here is C with is basket waiting to find the loot.
B in action trying to get more then A and C.
Here is A finding her basket that the Easter Bunny hide.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

B's Playing Baseball

This is B's first year to play baseball. He is liking it and is a great hitter.
The games can get a little boring but they are still fun because of the silly things the little boys tend to do. There are no outs and everyone gets to bat 3 times.
If you can't tell he is on the CUBS. He has made some great plays and is getting better each game. He can't wait to go see the real Cubs play when the Angels go to play them.