Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Family Pictures

 Since my sister was in town we decided to get family pictures done. I think they turned out wonderful!! It went so smooth!
 Moments by Michelle has been a best friend of mine since I was 3 and she is amazing!
 My parents with all their grandkids!
After we went to the Spectrum for dinner and a ride on the ferris wheel. These two can never have enough of each other. Love them!


 My sister and her girls came to visit!! We have so much fun when they come to town. We decided to ride our bikes to the mission and then have lunch at Ruby's.
 The kids made corn husk dolls at the mission.
 Then they fed the fish. 
 My kids really love the mission. I'm glad we went to Ruby's after because the bike ride home was miserable! I think we picked the hottest day of the summer!
 That night my dad came over after work to make grape juice. A patient gave him grapes and we had to do something with them. It was a very long process!
 While they were busy with the grapes some others were playing in the house. My sisters 2 year old loves Big B! Her dad plays Hulk when he comes home from work and she kept asking Big B to play Hulk with her. It was so cute!
The grape juice went on after dark and then continued the next day!

Fishing in Alaska

 Big B has wanted to go on a fishing trip with his brothers for a few years and he finally made it happen. Out of 6 boys 5 were able to go! Big B did the trip with my dad the year we got married so he had a little idea of what to do.
 They got off to a rocky start but then they got the hang of it and started bringing in the salmon.
 Of course they didn't think to get a group shot with all the brothers. Big B only sent me pictures with them and their fish.
 They had a great time and got more fish then we can eat. (Since we aren't don't eat much fish.)
 This will defiantly be a trip to remember! 
Big B caught the biggest fish until 30 minutes before they had to stop fishing to get to the airport. They also went on a halibut boat and caught their limit. I'm so glad he got to do this with his brothers!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Yet Another Beach Day

 A has try surfing this summer and really likes it. She even tried to get D out there.
 Definitely Cali girls! 
I know they really love each other and are best friends when I see moments like this.

Huntington Gardens

 My mom needed to pick something up for her house near Huntington Gardens and so she invited us to join her and explore the grounds. There was a museum which we sped through because D was a little to interested in the things on display. Then we found the children's garden which was perfect for everyone. They had lots of hands on things for the kids.
 Everyone got so involved. It was fun to watch them learn together.
 The outside garden had so many fun ideas that I would love for my parents to put in their yard. This was a bunch of nails sticking towards each other and when you put sand in the top it made music as it went down.
 There was a volcano made of plants and it even had steam coming out.
 E was happy to be outside so much. Such a good baby!
 Leaving the kids garden to explore all the other gardens.
 The Chinese and Japanese gardens were  so pretty.
 Surprisingly the desert gardens were pretty too. We were going to skip it but then got lost and ended up there. It was hot and the walk was up hill so we had to take a little break.
 We ended at the rose gardens. I was surprised at all the different varieties of roses. The girls enjoyed reading the names of the roses.
All of my kids seem to love maps. As we were leaving this girls was still exploring. We will definitely be back!

Baby E & Working Out

 Big B bought some boots for an upcoming fishing trip and A decided to have E try them on. 
 Our neighbor will have his boys do a little work out and on this day B, C, and D joined in. 
 It was fun to see them figure out how to do all the moves and motivate each other. It wore them out pretty good too.
Baby E is sitting up! Still a little wobbly but getting the hang of it and loves being able to play with the blocks.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Junior Lifeguard Competetion

 A got picked to go to Manhattan beach to compete in the junior guards competition. You can tell she was excited because she willingly smiled for the camera. I decided to stay home because dragging all the kids up there so early in the morning sounded like to much work. She took the bus up at 5:30 in the morning and got home at 5:30 p.m.
 My mom went up to support her and check it out for me. Just passing time before her events.
 She had to do a swim and a run.
Then take the board out to the buoy and back. I think I've found my triathlon partner! She could teach me a few things.  

American Girl

 For my nieces birthday we headed to LA to get the American Girl experience. A has a doll and D doesn't but I don't think D has any clue hers is a fake. When my dad bought A her doll he said he would never buy her anything else to go with the doll because it's all so expensive and that she needed to sew all her dolls clothes. So before we left A made her doll a new outfit and D's doll one too.
 We did lunch in the restaurant and D borrowed a doll that sat next to her in her own seat. The experience was fun but the food not so good. I was impressed with the birthday cake they gave my niece. 
 Then we walked around the store to see all the different dolls and accessories. This was the new doll.
 A bought her doll a pair of glasses since she got glasses last year. Everyone had a great time!
Wish we had more time to hang out because they were so cute and having so much fun.


 There was a groupon deal for Boomers that we had to use so we headed over for some family fun. The go carts were a big hit with everyone. A was the only kids who could drive alone.
 B was just barley to short but still had fun in the passenger seat.
 Big B had to go twice to give C a turn. I don't think he was sad about it.
 D had to go on the little ones but she didn't care because she loved it!
 Then there was the rock wall.
 Everyone made it to the top.
 We also got in 18 holes of miniature golf. My first hole I got a hole in one! Big B still beat me. 
 This boy was happy the entire time!
After some laser tag and arcade games we ended with bumper boats. I can't believe how much we fit in! If there is another deal on the computer we're going to do it again. (Way to expensive without the deal.) We ended the night stopping for pizza at Pieology. YUM!