Friday, October 19, 2012

Family Pictures

Usually every year at the reunion we try and do some type of family picture. This year we did this. Some families had to share a letter because we are so big. The letters E and W are each missing one boy, one at scout camp and one on a mission, but besides that we have everyone included. We also used these pictures for a craft, that one day I might finish.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Lehman Caves

 Mt. Wheeler is in the Great Basin National Park and you can also find Lehman Caves there. I really wanted to go see them because we had just seen a little cave in Cedar and the kids had so much fun I thought they would be amazed at this one that was way bigger. We had Paul's and Chris's families with us too. It was a hot day but the caves got cold and very, very dark.
 We learned about the history of the cave. A and B got to hold the coffee tin flashlights that were used when the cave was discovered. There were lights in the cave but when he turned them off to show how little light there was with the flashlights it was darker then I had ever seen.
 Even D loved it! She kept looking at all the different rock formations and pointing them out to us. 
Not the best picture but we had to go up stairs and I tried to get a shot of everyone. We had a great time looking at everything inside and learning all about the cave!

Mathews Family Reunion, Part 2

 The boys spent time with cousins doing lots of boy things, including catching frogs. C was so proud that he caught one!
 Art hooked up some horses to give us all a hay ride around part of the ranch.
 It was a pretty ride and only a little bumpy.
 The girls had a craft time and the younger girls got to make some pretty rings.
 They also got to do gel nails. I think they were all loving it!
 A got to hold this cutie while his momma did her craft. 
 The women did boards that family pictures will get put on. It was a fun time for the women to hang out and chat.
There is always one night where the family gathers around and each child tells the others what has happened in the last year. We also get to be uplifted and taught by grandpa. It's a great night but as you can see the little ones can't last even with knowing there will be s'mores at the end.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mathews Reunion

 This year the reunion was held at the Cleveland Ranch. It's a church ranch that Art runs with Heather and the boys. It was the perfect place to have the reunion! We were very close to Mt. Wheeler so we headed there for a hike. C and D were troopers and made it all the way with very little complaining. 
 Our hike took us to two different lakes. This is the first lake where grandpa Mathews tested out the water. Above the lake is the top of Mt. Wheeler and while we were hiking the lakes Big B and a few of his brothers were hiking to the top of the mountain. They made it but I don't know if they'd do it again.
 During the reunion there was lots of riding ATV's!
 Lots of cousin time too!
 The kids could have played with cousins on the ranch all day without much entertainment.
 Of course there were horses. Both the girls LOVE riding horses.
A is getting to be really good. Sometimes I wish we could live somewhere where we could ride them more often.

Back to Panaca

 After Cedar we headed back to Panaca to wait for Big B to show up so we could go to the big Mathews family reunion. We decided to hit up the spring while we waited. It's a natural hot spring or should I say warm spring. The kids love trying to catch little fish, swimming around and...
 jumping off the wall. I was surprised how long it took them to get the courage to do it because last summer they did it with no hesitation. B finally made the plunge!
 A did too but from a lower point.
It took C the longest but I think this was his first time since this summer he has become a confidant swimmer. For such a small town there really is a lot to do in Panaca!