Friday, October 16, 2009

D and Rice Cereal

We've started D on rice cereal! I was going to wait a little longer but she is always eyeing my food when I eat and I was hoping it might help her sleep better. (it hasn't)
Can you tell what she thought of it? She actually started to choke on it. She has it down now but I can tell she knows there is better food out there.
This picture is just because she is so dang cute and getting so big.
(My friend made this dress and I just love it.)

Fun With Cousins

We met cousins at Jump in Jammin to celebrate a birthday. The kids had so much fun.
This is them. We actually got them all to hold still just long enough to grab one picture. I wish all the kids cousins could live so close. The kids would rather play with cousins then anyone else.