Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garage Sale

The community we live in has a big garage sale every year and this year a few of my neighbors and I decided to give it a try. Someone could have bought everything out there and furnished their whole house and had plenty of things for their kids too! There were 4 of us and I think we averaged $100 each. Not bad but I don't think I'll be doing it again.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Daddy Daughter Date

Big B and A had a daddy daughter date that the church put on. They went out to dinner then met the other 8 to 11 year olds and their dads for a fun evening.
They had lots of fun and A can't wait to do it again.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Our Easter morning started out with the kids trying to find their baskets.
When they found their baskets we started the egg hunt.

Everyone got plenty of candy and a few extra items too.

After our basket and egg hunt we had what we call big breakfast. Then headed to church for a wonderful Easter program. After church we headed to my parents house where we had a great dinner with family. We did an egg toss with the kids and also sling shot some fake eggs in the air for the kids to catch in their baskets. It was a good day. The kids really got the true meaning of Easter this year. It's so nice to hear your kids tell you things they know of Christ.

Pre Easter Activities

Before Easter was even here the kids got to the best egg hunt around. The city of Dana Point has an amazing Easter egg hunt, races, petting area, and face painting. We go every year and the kids love it. This picture was when we were all done and walking back to grandma/pa's house.
Here is the kids with their face painting.

B is getting his done but I couldn't get a picture of the end result because he was so mad that the lady put glitter on him. I guess that should make me happy.

B did the sack race and won! The guy in the corner of the picture was from the news paper and got a really good picture of him in the air. It was in the paper the next day.

C, D and I go to this preschool like place called Learning Links and they got to do some crafts and have an egg hunt. They love going there.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Running the Bridge

While I was in San Fran I was going to take a break from running until my friend, who was also in San Fran, texted me and said she was running across the Golden Gate Bridge. I thought that would be an amazing run so my SIL and I decided to do it. We had no running clothes or shoes so we went shopping and found some matching tops. (good thing we don't live close) Then the next morning we set out for our run. We took the trolley as far down as it would go. (It was so early and they didn't have change for us so they let us ride for free.) Then we started to run but soon saw just how far we still were from the bridge. We did a walk run til we got to the bridge then we ran the 2 miles across and the 2 miles back stopping for pictures, of course.
This was on the other side of the bridge looking back towards San Fran. When we got back to the other side of the bridge we found a cab to take us back to the hotel. It was a great run and I am so glad we did it. Amazing!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

San Fran!

After eating our dessert we needed to work it off so we walked up Russian Hill. I should add 2 of the 5 women are pregnant!
At the top was Lombard Street.

So then we had to walk down Lombard Street.

After Lombard street we just kept walking through North Beach til we hit China town. Once we left China town we made our way through Union Square stopping for some shopping and eventually made it back to the hotel. I still can't believe how much walking we did that day.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Surprise!! My my was turning 60 so we thought a nice surprise was in order. My sisters (my sister and my sister in laws), my dad and I put together a little trip for the girls. We have been wanting a girls trip for awhile but it's so hard to make it happen. My mom's birthday was just the excuse we needed. I showed up at her presidency meeting and told her we had a plane to catch. She was very shocked and even got a little upset because she had so much to do and claimed she couldn't leave. When we finally got her to the airport my 2 sister in laws were waiting at the curb with balloons. Then she asked about my sister and we told her she was coming but because she was coming from Utah we would see her later. But who was inside the airport...yet another surprise, my sister. We got to San Fransisco Thursday night and played hard til Sunday. First thing on Friday we headed to Alcatraz. It was very interesting.
This is the view of Alcatraz as we left on the fairy.

This is a view of the city from Alcatraz. So much to see and take it. LOVED IT!

When we got off the fairy we headed to Fisherman's Wharf for some lunch and then to Ghiradelli Square for some dessert. We shared some yummy treats.

I think we enjoyed them...don't you?

Spring Break

For spring break this year we just hung out around home. It was good to have a slow week at home enjoying each other, getting things done and just loving where we live. We headed over to the Discovery Museum to take part in the annual bubble fest. They have a great bubble show and then experiments and bubbles for the kids to play with.
Even with the kids age difference it was a big hit for all!

We also hit Old Town, San Diego. They have redone the Mormon Battalion Museum and it was amazing. The kids had a great time and got very into it. The way they did it made you feel apart of it and kept the kids attention the whole time.

A got chosen to dress up like one of the men.

Everyone found gold!

There was also a place to wash clothes, get water, and make bricks. The kids want to take Big B back, so we'll going again soon. Spring break was a great break for the kids and even a better break for me.