Thursday, March 14, 2013

First Bath

 Of course the first bath had to be a family affair.
 He did not like the bath.
 He needed his pacifier to make it through the bath.
 A did a great job holding the slippery babe.
By the end he was a little happier but it's something he'll have to get use to.

More Baby E

I tried to do a mini photo shoot so I could get a good picture for a baby announcement.
 I wasn't happy with any of my shots.
 Big B tried and didn't do any better. 
 Morning snuggles before school.
 I think D might be the proudest of all.
 Love how much they love him!
 First trip to the beach at 2 weeks. 
He doesn't even know how good he has it. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby E Meets His Siblings!!

 When we got home from the hospital the kids weren't there yet. My mom had them off playing somewhere. It was nice to come home and get a little settled before they came home because when they walked in the door the chaos began. Everyone wanted to see Baby E, hold him, kiss him and just look at him. They all ran to the bathroom to wash up and A got to hold him first. She was so proud!
 They were all so proud. 
 I don't think I've ever had such an easy time getting them to smile for a picture!
 Glad to say the excitement hasn't died down much. C is great with him.
 They wanted to buy me an edible arrangement but they are so expensive that they decided to make me one. 
 Love this little pose:)
 I LOVE this picture! You can just see how excited and happy D was to finally meet Baby E.
 I love seeing the kids cuddle with him and want to hold him so much.
 I caught this little smile and although it's very cute it makes him look too big.
 Everyone getting their cuddling time in! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Baby E is Here!!

 Getting ready for the c-section.
 First decent picture.
 Everything went really well during the surgery. Just at the end after he was out and they were finishing up I started getting sweaty and feeling yucky. I did end up throwing up a lot the rest of the day which I have never done before. I think they gave me too much morphine. 
 He was 8 pounds 13 ounces and 19 inches long.
 His first bath.
 All clean and cute.
 Daddy changing his first nasty diaper of many.
 Meeting grandma for the first time. The only visitors I was allowed to have was grandparents. With the flu so bad no one was allowed in. Not even the kids were able to come see me or the baby. I was pretty bummed but it was very restful.
 Big B getting some rest. 
 Meeting grandpa for the first time.
 I did face time the kids everyday. That's the only was the only way the got to see baby E till we got home.
 My room was on the second floor right by the hospital entrance so when Big B came to drop something off I held baby E up in the window so they could see him.
 Cute pic with his eyes open.
 Getting ready to go home after 4 days in the hospital.

 This picture is out of order but another cute pic with his eyes open.
 Waiting for Big B to bring the car around.
In the car and headed home to meet the family!