Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oakley Rodeo

 Getting ready for the rodeo!

 First is the kids rodeo. Everyone had fun chasing chickens, pigs, and cows.
 Luckily no one caught any because we would have had to take them home.
 It was sure muddy out there. These cute girls came back covered.
 Next came the "bull" riding. B rode again this year but before he could ride he insisted on buying a cowboy hat. He fit the part perfect!
 His ride wasn't as good as last years but at least there was no blood this year. I love that he's willing to do it. He's already talking about needing boots for next year!
 Then we watched the big rodeo! Everyone loves watching all the different events.
 Especially with popcorn and family. After the rodeo we stayed and watched the fireworks. A great end to a perfect day!

4th of July Parade

 Tradition is not just going to the cabin for the 4th but also the parade. All the Clark grandkids waiting for the parade to start so they can get candy.
 The parade was a nice small town parade.
 One happy little girls with tons of candy... mostly taffy.
 Grandpa loves his babies!
Big family picture. Only missing my oldest brother who stayed home because work was so busy.

E's First Plane Ride

After a few relaxing days at home we joined everyone in Utah. I think E was glad to be back with the chaos. He isn't use to peace and quiet.

A, B, C, and D Go To Utah

 I really have the best family! My parents took the 4 kids to Utah early so I could stay home and have a break. It was nice to be able to get things done at home and relax. My sister had the girls most of the time and the boys were at the cabin with my parents. This picture is them waiting for their flight with their cousins.
 The river is always a highlight of the cabin. The boys build up the "pool" and then were dared to sit in it.
 Exploring the river with grandpa.

 Fishing at the lake and he caught the only fish!
 Swimming at the pool C got brave and jumped off the high dive.
 My dad and sister in law took the older kids on an overnight hike while the little kids stayed with grandma and played. 
These two became so close and played so well together. I wish they lived closer to each other.

Big Air Trampoline

 We did a family night at a trampoline place called Big Air. It was so much fun and sweaty too. Big B and I battled.
 He hit the ground first!
 D gave it a try too.
 A was nice to her and even got on her knees to be on her level.
 The boys battles it out too.
It was a great tiring night!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Scout Camp

 One of B's favorite camps... scout camp. So many boys his age makes for a great week.
 My amazing mom volunteered for me because I couldn't leave the baby.
 Driving the go cart.
 Shooting a gun.
 Playing games.
 Crazy boys.
Boat building. 
So many things to learn and do.

Random Pics

 I love my apple tree!! It gives us apples at least twice a year. Who needs a big yard?!
 This little guys has found his tongue. He's so cute!
We had a date night!! We got a gift card to a fancy restaurant and then we walked by the beach. It was nice to get away and the baby did great with a sitter. 

Water Park

 E had his first water experience at the water park. The water was pretty cold so he didn't last to long but he did like it. 
 Cousins at the water park.
Hours of fun!

Beach Days

 Our weekly visit to the beach started right when school got out. C loves to soak up the sun!
 Everyones happy place!
 So many friends to play with!
So many people to hang with and keep the kids busy. Amazing day!

Park Days

 E's first time at the park. As you can tell he didn't really care much. I think maybe he was a little to young.
 The older kids got a kick out of it though.
That night we had a hot dog roast at my parents. B and C built the fire pit and insisted on having a fire. Of course we ended with S'mores.