Monday, December 27, 2010

Discovery Museum

The museum did a big thing on gingerbread and we went to check it out. The kids made their own mix to make cookies, decorated cookies, made a paper gingerbread man that would climb, and got to look at some amazing gingerbread houses.
Here is D decorating her cookie.

The boys coloring their gingerbread man.

A making a pretzel treat.

A and B posing for me. C and D didn't want anything to do with this guy. (not surprising after Santa)

A Performs Again!

Here is the star after her big friends and family show. She did great. I can see lots of improvement from last year. She got way more into it.
This is here pouring hot chocolate for the other girls.

This was at a different show but she had a solo at this show.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Came to Town

Santa came to our neck of the woods and we got to go see him.
B asked Santa for not only his two front teeth but several others as well.

C was a little hesitant at first but quickly warmed up.

D never warmed up to Santa! Now she says, "HO, HO, HO" every time she sees a Santa on t.v.

Merry Christmas to all!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thanksgiving in Panaca, part 4

As always one of the very last things we do before we leave Panaca is find our Christmas tree.
This has been our family tradition even before we had kids.

The more kids we have the more effort it seems to take but it is always worth it.

If you saw this driving down the I15 it was us.
Other things that happened in Panaca that never got a picture was of course Thanksgiving dinner and then the Wright Family Reunion. Dinner was delicious and small for the Mathews. Grandma was busy with the bakery but dinner went smooth and she had plenty of rolls left for us. (my favorite part!) On our way home we stopped in Alamo for the reunion. We got to see lots of family we never knew we had and learn lots of fun things. We also got to hear fun stories. I love the great history on the Mathews side. It was a great trip, just like it always is when we go back to Panaca!

Thanksgiving in Panaca, part 3

The men went golfing all day in St. George so us ladies had to find a way to entertain the kids. We ended up at Cathedral Gorge having a turkey leftover picnic. It's a good thing the sun was out cause it was cold!
A, B, and C climbed almost to the top and gave their mother a scare.

They really had a fun time exploring and playing.

We did a hike that took us through the gorge and up lots of stair to this look out. It was a good way to pass some time and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Thanksgiving in Panaca, part 2

There was good cousin time in Panaca.
The kids were able to get the T.V. away from the men and watch a movie together.

Before we left Cedar there was a little snow storm and the kids did more playing in the snow.

We always stay with our good friends and all our kids never need much entertaining when they have each other.

Thanksgiving in Panaca

On our way to Panaca we stopped in Vegas for a few hours. My favorite buffet is breakfast at the Paris so we, along with Big B's brother and his family went. After we walked around the strip for a while.
We ended up catching the water show. As you can tell from A's face it was a big hit.

We made our way to visit our favorite aunt in Cedar. She had just enough snow for us Cali folks to play in.

It wasn't a lot but the kids could have cared less. A found enough snow for a snowman.

D had her first experience with snow and liked it as long as her gloves stayed on and she didn't have to touch it with her bare skin.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

More Random Fun

We have a lot of days off of school these days so we have to come up with lots to do. This day we went to the Lego Land Aquarium with cousins.
There were some cool things to do and see. This was a fun picture to take but it got real hot and uncomfortable real fast.

I think all the kids really enjoyed it. Living by the Beach and going to ocean camp every summer has made the kids love anything to do with the ocean.
I think the kids got the most excited about how big this ray was.

Random Fun

One Saturday we went to the Discovery museum and then to dinner. D was getting restless waiting for the food so we got the camera out to distract her.
We ended up taking pictures of everyone. A and her BFF.

The two B's being silly.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Crazy Girl!

Just to give you an idea of how crazy D is I thought I would post these two pictures.

Tom Turkey Play

B had a part in the Tom Turkey play at school. He was a Pilgrim.
This is him giving his part.

Grandma came to watch. So did Big B, C, D and we even got A out of class.
His best friend from birth was in it with him. He did a great job memorizing his part and did an even better job presenting it. Way to go B!!