Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Last of SD

While in South Dakota we also went to Bear Country. The first part you are in your car and drive through some open land. There were all types of animals to see but of course the bears were the best.
It was fun to see them doing all the things that bears do. The kids got pretty excited when we got to the bears.
On our way from SD to Wyoming we stopped at Devils Tower. It's the first national monument.
We really got to see alot on this trip. I just hope the older kids can remember just a little about what they saw. We might have to do it again in 10 years.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More of South Dakota

This is the back view of the cabin we stayed in. It worked out really well for us. 6 adults and 6 kids couldn't have fit more perfectly. We were in the Black Hills and had amazing views. I wish we would have had another day just to spend at the cabin.
The kids had a blast exploring the woods just outside the door.

The adults had a blast eating outside and letting the kids do what they wanted. It was so nice to get away from the city.

Of course we had to visit Mt. Rushmore while we were there. Before the trip we learned about the presidents on the mountain. So my favorite was when C said, "Where is the one with the glasses? There he is!" I was glad to know that even my 3 year old had learned something, even if it was just that Roosevelt had glasses.
This is our whole group. We had the 12 that stayed in the cabin, Big B's brother and family, another brother and a sister then at Mt. Rushmore his other brother, his wife and 7 kids met us. It was a great time. We walked the path around the mountain then went into the muesum. It's amazing the effort that went into Mt. Rushmore. So glad we got to see it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

More of Our Trip

While in South Dakota we went to Reptile Gardens. We saw many great things. A thought this snake was cool because she got it to follow her hand.
B and C with 2 of their cousins. We traveled with two of Big B's brothers then we meet up with another one at Reptile Gardens. So many cousins so little time.
At the end of the alligator show the kids got to pet one. C was a little hesitant but was so excited after he did it.
Another thing we did was go inside Jewel Cave. It was amazing how big and beautiful it was. There were so many different types of rocks formations inside. I think this was a favorite for most of us.
We had just a little time before our reservation at the cave so we went on a hunt for Buffalo. We found one! At first we thought it was fake because it barely moved but after a good look we saw it flinch. That's as close as we let the kids get but of course there was much talk about the 3 brothers trying to get to move or even case them.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Big Summer Trip

The Mathews family reunion was in Wyoming this year so we decided to turn a 3 day reunion in to a 2 week trip. We flew into Billings Montana, picked up Big B's brother and made our way to Rapid City, South Dakota before heading to the reunion in Sheridan Wyoming. Stay tuned this will take several posts.
In Rapid City we went to the Natural History Museum and the kids got really into it. A can read so well now that she took the boys around and they learned all sorts of things.
This is the whole fam in front of Stan, the largest dinosaur skeleton of a t-rex found in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

After we picked up Big B's brother in Billings we stopped at Custer's Last Stand Monument. The kids and I learned all about this before we left on the trip so it made it more interesting when we got there. Outside the museum D went and stood right next to her uncle. I thought it was the cutest thing. She was probably trying to get into the shade, it was pretty hot.
If you look in the back you see a black tomb stone. That's Custer's. The others are soldiers that fought with him. (p.s the shirt A is wearing she made in her sewing class right before we left.)
Here's the clan standing in front of the official monument. You know your getting old when you really enjoy things like this and you remind yourself of your parents. But it was interesting and a least the kids got into some of it as well.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The 3rd of July

Because the 4th fell on a Sunday our ward did a little celebration on the 3rd. The main event was a fun run. There was a 1K for the kids and the three ran it.
I did the 5K and D did the diaper dash.

My cute girls!!

The End of Our June

This is B the last day of school. The other 2 boys live on our alley and they all went to Kindergarten together. I love having so many kids around. (most of the time)
Both kids had a dance recital. A took a ballet class this year. She did a great job but I'm sad to say dance might not be her thing. She doesn't want to do it next year:( I still have Miss D to live through.
B did a hip hop class. He really surprised us with how well he performed. He's really a good little dancer. But I think he too will move on and try something else. Football starts soon.