Thursday, March 29, 2012

More of C's Birthday Celebrations

On C's actual birthday we had a present for him to open before everyone left for the day. He was so excited cause it was big.
But when he opened it he was not happy. The first thing he said was I didn't want that. I guess we need to teach the boy some manners. But after he got on it he seemed pretty happy.
He had to go to school so we made cupcakes to share with his friends.
Then that night we went out to dinner with my parents and they got him the Star Wars video game for the WII. He was much more excited for that he was was with the present I got him.
For not being his big party year he sure got spoiled! C has been my easiest child from day one and I really hate to watch him get so big. At least he will still cuddle with me! He is getting so smart and excited for kindergarten. I LOVE this kid!!! (his smile too:)

Friday, March 23, 2012

C's Birthday Breakfast

For C's birthday, and my niece's, we made reservations at Disneyland for Breakfast with Minnie and Friends. We got a yummy all you can eat breakfast and lots of different characters would stop at our table to take pictures with the kids.
We saw Chip and Dale. I can't tell you who this one is but it was funny because I called one of them the wrong name and they let me know it.
We saw Tiger and Winnie the Pooh. Other characters that were there were Captain Hook, Mad Hatter, Alice and probably more that I'm forgetting.
C outside the restaurant with his birthday button and balloon.
That same day we ran into Cinderella. The girls were so excited and C was a good sport.


I think the best part of my parents house is the yard. The kids can spend hours out there and you can't beat the view. This tree is in their yard and we put up a rope latter on it so the kids could climb it and they climb it often. Big B even joins in.
My brother has a chicken and my mom borrowed it but A has really loved it. She carries it around and is the only person the chicken lets pick it up.
Decades day at school. Thank goodness for old dance costumes!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Another Trip to Disneyland

We have had some great trips to disneyland lately! I think D has seen just about every princess now. When we first came she wouldn't even go close to them and now she runs to them. Her and her cousins are so cute with them.
Poor C is the only boy when we go and usually gets stuck doing mostly girl things but on this trip after he went on Space Mt. we ran into this guy.
A favorite for all is Autopia.
We stood in line for Tangled and I guess it was worth it because D's smile was so cute.
My niece will definitely grow up loving princesses being the youngest of 6 straight granddaughters. We love introducing her to the world of Disney!

Trip to Vegas

D and I took a trip to Vegas to help my sister in law during another chemo treatment. D loved the flight. She got her dolls in the seatbelt and was ready to take off.
She did very well on the flight. She was so excited to go see her cousin. We got there a day early so we could play but then it turned out that my SIL couldn't get her treatment because her blood count was low so we actually got a whole week to play. We didn't want to spend too much money so we organized a lot.
We left these two to play a lot and surprisingly they got along really well. An example is when D climbed into her cousins crib and they played in there for a long time.
When we found them they did a great job posing for pictures.
Update on my SIL is that she looks to be cancer free!!

C's Preschool Field Trip

For C's preschool field trip we went to the La Habra Children's Museum. The kids loved it. They had so many different areas to play in. This was a room full of stuffed animals. This kids were so amazed.
There was also a knight and princess area. The kids could dress up and go to different areas to see how they lived. D instantly found the princess dress ups!
C had a great time with the bow and arrows. He got pretty good.
Here is a dinosaur nest with eggs and little preschool dinosaurs.
The kids could have spent all day there. Which we almost did.

Happy Birthday Big B

Whenever we get together with my family it is usually chaos. Last year we started trying to go out with just the adults. So for Big B's birthday we did just that, went out with just the adults. We went to Flemings. It was yummy!
On his real birthday we just did dinner and cake with the kids. The kids love a birthday. However I don't know how much Big B loved this one. He thinks he's getting so old.


I've been a little busy and since I published my blog I've gotten lazy about blogging. So now that I have had a break here we go again. There is a lot to catch you up on!

We usually go to the cabin for New Years but there was no snow for skiing so we decided to stay home. So we headed to the Rose Parade to see the amazing floats. Front row seats and we didn't even spend the night!
Every time I go it's so hot. The kids got a little cranky but overall really enjoyed the parade.
C loves dinosaurs so this was one of his favorites.
The boys especially loved the transformer one. It was a fun time and a great start to our new year.