Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

C, D and I met Big B for lunch at Cheesecake Factory for Valentines Day. (A too because I had to pick her up from school with puffy eyes) Because it was lunch time Big B had to take a call from work and D was playing with my phone and this is what I saw. LOVE my family!!

B's First Season of Basketball

B had his first experience with basketball and loved it.
This is his team.

Here he is with the ball. He didn't get the ball that much so when he did he held onto it:)
He was great at defense.
He liked to pass it in because he got to pick who to pass it to. It was a fun season and so far I think my favorite sport to watch. I think there will be many more years of basketball.

A Visit to the Mission

My mom's sisters came to town and we went to visit the mission in San Juan Capistrano. D liked the fish and bird the most.
All the other kids really got into just about everything there. On Saturdays they have activities set up for the kids. Making rope was one of them.

After making rope they got to pan for gold and make a activity book for when they were looking around the mission.
We had a great time visiting with my aunts and learning about all the things of the mission.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

C's Birthday Continued

A, being the leader that she is, got all the kids together to sing Happy Birthday.
This was the cake for the candles...

and this was the cake for the kids to eat.
C's aunt made them and they even had dinosaur sprinkles in them!

And of course the birthday boy blowing out his candles. C has been such a good kid from day one. I'm so glad he's in our family. LOVE YOU C!!

C's Birthday

My little boy isn't so little anymore! Before anyone left the house we gave C his b-day present. He was thrilled even though he caught on that it was B's old bike. (I know worst parent of the year award.)
After his preschool field trip to the post office we had his first b-day party with friends...18 of them to be exact! We live in a great area for kids and with that comes many friends. When A got home from school and met us at the park she had them all under control. They found the dinosaur bones in the sand and then A had them putting them together to figure out what kind of dinosaur it was.
We put our bounce house up but it didn't take long before we deflated it. There were too many tears and even a tooth that got knocked out. We felt so bad and couldn't believe it happened but after the mom told us it happened before to the same tooth we felt a little better.
We also had the kids make fossils. This didn't go exactly as planned but the kids didn't seem to mind. The girl on the left is C's cousin and the girl on the right is C's girlfriend from preschool.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Januarys Happenings

Big B celebrated another birthday. We did a cake with the kids but this year we celebrated with mostly adults. Big B got a gift card to Roy's from a sub at work so we decided to try it out. We ended up inviting both of my brothers and their wives. It was a very nice dinner and the first time in a long time that we were able to talk with no interruptions. I think we have decided to do it more often. We left asking who had the next birthday but I don't think we need an excuse to go out.
My poor C! I feel like I have been finding him asleep a lot lately. This was right before we were to leave on a field trip to the farm. At least he ate his lunch first.

This was in the same week as the last picture. I must have worn him out that week if he could fall asleep on a box.

While we was sleeping my sister in law and I decided to make a pineapple julius. She had a hour to kill between sewing classes so got creative. It turned out pretty good.
(and yes C slept through the blender)
Now doesn't that look so delicious and make you feel like your in Hawaii?

New Years at the Cabin

Another great trip to the cabin. This was the first year in what feels like a long time that I got to ski without having too many worries about what the kids were doing. I was not pregnant or nursing! My parents wonderful friends always open their house to us and the kids love it there. They had an addition since we were last there and D loved chasing that cat around.
The older kids are happy to watch movie after movie in the theater and after a long day of skiing the men love to join them.

At the cabin this year A and her cousin made a snow house. They were begging to spend the night in it but their begging didn't work. It sure kept them busy.

Of course there was sledding. C was the best in the snow this year. He rarely came in to warm up.

D loved the snow as long as it didn't touch her skin. Who can blame her?
I wish, as always, that I would have taken more pictures. Big B and I tried a little cross country skiing, there were fireworks for New Years, and a girls trip to the outlets. Fun was had by all. WE LOVE THE CABIN!!