Sunday, April 29, 2012

A's Jog-a-thon

 Every grade goes at a different time so we had to run C to preschool and come back to run with A.
 She's getting a little too cool to run with her family but I know she still loves having us there.
 This is her with her BFF.
Stretching with D before the big run. So maybe she's not to cool for us or at least not D.

B's Jog-a-thon

 The jog-a-thon is a favorite event at the school for our family. The little kids love getting to run with the older kids. This year Big B had the day off for Good Friday so he even got to come.
 Everyone can run so C and D get in a few laps. I usually run but this year I got to cheer everyone else on while Big B ran.
This is B's class after they ran. Marines and firemen come to support the event and the kids love it. They even have the men sign their shirts.

Fun with Friends

 D is in a playgroup and every six weeks I get to have them all at my house. They have so much fun together. I can see these girls being friends forever.
 They love playing in the playroom but when they start getting restless we go outside to run around and they have really enjoyed good old red light green light. So fun!
 Our really good friends from Cedar come down often and on this trip down the weather was perfect for a beach day. 
 We live by an equestrian center and when there is a competition we love to go and watch the horses jump. It's no rodeo but we still love watching the horses.
Sometimes I think we need to live in Panaca because the kids love horses so much. I love where we live so I am very glad we have Panaca to visit. 

Night Out!

I got to go out with some friends and we went to Laguna Beach for a nice dinner and then ended up at BJ's for dessert. At BJ's we had to sit at two tables and my table ended up ordering the party pizookie. It was so fun to see the other tables reaction when it came to our table. Fun night with fun girls!

Baseball Season

 C is on the Mets and he is doing really well for his first year of tee ball. This is him getting ready to try out being the catcher.
 B is on the Oriels and on the same day he got to try out the catcher position.
 D is their biggest fan! She loves cheering for them.

Tanaka Farms

 We LOVE this place! Every year we go to Tanaka Farms to pick strawberries and man are they good. This year was no exception.
 The kids get so excited for this field trip. 
 We eat more strawberries then we come home with. 
 Before we get to pick the strawberries we take a tractor ride around the farm and learn all about fruits and vegetables and taste them all. Carrots are a favorite. 
This is C's class, minus one, and D with some of her friends. You should join us next year:)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

More of B's busy life

Bad picture, I know but with such a big group it was hard. B did a lip synch with a group of boys from church. It was for a talent show that the ward held at the youth/scout auction. He had so much fun doing it. He really is a little performer.
At school he was chosen to lead the whole school in the pledge of allegiance.
He answered a few questions about himself and then had the school say the pledge.
He did such a great job and wasn't even nervous!

Where We Live!

Well this is close to where we live. My sister was in town and the whole family was hanging out at my parents and this was the view from the backyard. It was such a beautiful sunset! You can see Catalina and the harbor.
Not such a good picture but had to take an advantage of the beautiful sunset.
This is how we really live; out on the alley everyday. This is just some of the scooter gang. So many boys, so much fun!
Another fun thing lately has been playing on the hill. They have their own kingdom up there with crystals (rocks) for money and everything. Who needs a yard when you have an alley of friends and a hill?

Sunday, April 1, 2012

My Sweet D

D decided to paint her nails...all by herself. Didn't she do a great job?
She also painted her hands, the counter and a little of the sink.
I guess if things are too quite then there is trouble. So you think we would have learned our lesson to not leave her alone.
But we didn't because the next day she wrote all over the fridge and several kitchen cabinets. This girl is trouble. It's a good thing she is so dang cute!

B's Been Busy

B is going to get baptized this year! We had his Great to Be Eight night at church to get him ready. He was so excited! After there was refreshments, of course. It was white chocolate with all the yummy things that go with a chocolate fountain.
All the kids were loving it! It was so cute to watch them dig in. Hope to see some of you on May 12th!
B played basketball again this year. He was on the Mavericks and I was the team mom. So we were very involved. It was a great team and they really progressed through the season. The last few games were so fun to watch. It was sad when they lost their last game in the playoffs because B was so upset he cried. So did some of the other boys.
A medal and cupcakes made things all better!