Sunday, June 11, 2017

Photo Shoot

 I love when I find random things on my phone. Especially like this little photo shoot with my bookends.

Football Season

I guess I'm not very good a taking pictures since this is the only one I have. Big B doing his thing as coach. He coached both boys this year in flag football.


 A was a deer. I'm thinking this is becoming her favorite animal.
 B was a hunter who was after the deer.
 C was a scarecrow, D a 50's girl and E a cowboy.
Looks like the cowboy wrangled the deer so the hunter could get it.
This kid had way too much candy, soda and all types of sugar.

D at Flag

 D and her dance studio got to do a little dance in front of the school during flag.
 She loves to perform!
D with her friend Ellie after their performance. Great job girls!

Just Another Day in Paradise

 A visit at grandma and grandpas never disappoints. Especially when the outside bed is calling my name. 
 Never gets old!
 Everyones favorite spot.
 Grandma and grandpa get a little help in the garden too.
Until next time!

E's Fall Fun

First was a visit to the Santa Ana Zoo.

 These two monkeys sure saw a lot of monkeys.
 He could have stayed in this position all day staring at the animals.
 Next up was Tanaka Farms to find the perfect pumpkin. We started with a wagon ride.
 Then we headed to the petting zoo.
 Animal lover.
 Harvesting the garden.
 Look at all the veggies they got! Happy kiddos!
 Cute pumpkin cousins!
Happy boy about to find his perfect pumpkin.
 Perfect pumpkins found!
Great day with me and my baby.

Nike Women's Half Marathon

 Can you see my name? I went with some of my closest friends to San Francisco to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon. 
 Kelli came a little later but Nike sure did a great job putting this race together.
 I love this city! Great views everywhere you go.
 Hurry for a girls trip!
 More great views with great ladies.

 Trolley ride
 Carb loading before the race. Yum!
 The race begins... uphill we go.  There was lots of people and it started early in the morning but once you got going it was a great race with lots to see.
 Just look at all those people. Of course there were lots of hill, we're in San Fran after all, but going in to the race you knew that so I didn't mind too much.
 More great views!
 Race face runner but I had to get a selfie with with Golden Gate Bridge. 
 There were so many people we didn't even realize we practically ran the race next to each other. Our time was less than a minute apart. Bummer we didn't know so we could have been with each other.
 My results. A little slower than I would have liked but with the hills I guess it'll do.
We Finished!!

A's Antics

 A wants chickens really bad. She has these two littles convinced we are getting them and naming them Sammy and Boopba. 
 Who knows where she got this deer craft but she and D had a great time putting it together.
 They named it Scott since their uncle loves to hunt deer.
 A showing off her gardening skills she learned while doing a 10 hour project for Young Women's. Also showing her eating skills.
I just threw in a picture of E and his playgroup buddies:)