Sunday, June 11, 2017

School Begins! 2015-2016

 The big one on campus now! Last year of middle school.
 First year at middle school, a sixlet as they call them. I'm glad that A and B have at least one year together.
 This kid and his big smile is starting 3rd grade and is excited to have Mr. Steed. The same teacher A and B had. I guess it's kind of a family tradition.
 1st grade! School all day long! 
 Had to throw this picture in too. It shows how excited she is.
 Best buds heading off to middle school. 
 These two will be walking to and from school with each other everyday.
 At her desk with her teacher, Mrs. Williams, in the background.
 Big kid walking in without his mom.
 Not starting school yet but doing a play group with some friends just once a week. Very excited about his backpack!
Cute smile!!

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