Sunday, June 11, 2017

General Conference in SLC

 We headed to Salt Lake City, Ut the weekend of General Conference with our friends the Rydells. Both families only brought the oldest two kids. We got in just in time for Big B, A and B to hit the BYU football game.
 Safe to say they had a good time.
 The next day we headed into downtown to the conference center to try and get tickets to conference. 
 We were able to get 8 tickets for us all to get in!
 Lots of family selfies this trip.
 Great friends in a great place.
 After the morning session we headed up to Park City to spend sometime in the mountains. We did the Alpine coaster.
 Then we half of us took mountain bikes up the ski lift and rode down and the other half of us hiked around and took the lift back down.
 And another selfie.
 I love a good family adventure.
 B and Fletch hiking around.
 Beautiful views!
 We got into another session of conference on Sunday. This was the best I could do to get a picture of the prophet.
 All of the leaders of the church.
 Such a great feeling to be there in person.
 Then we walked around the temple.
We did get to see some family and pay tribute to the old breeze that my grandpa owned and then Big B and I had before passing it on to his sister. It finally died.
It was a great trip!

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