Thursday, January 31, 2013

Football Season

 This year in football B was put on the Redskins and Big B volunteered to be the assistant coach. However, just as practices started the head coach got sick and had to step down so Big B got put in as head coach. He really did like it but it was hard to get thrown in after the season started. It was really good for B to have that time with his dad. 
 Jelly filled doughnut after the game...scary.
 C got to play for the first time and was on the Vikings. He had a great team and had so much fun.
 When his coach was giving him his trophy he talked about how good he was at pulling flags and about how he was always smiling, even when he was running down the field.
Now we are really a sports family!

Day Off Of School

What a better way to spend a day off school then a lazy morning?!
After such a lazy morning I decided we'd better get out of the house so we went for a bike ride to the gas station for a slurpee.
We have become quite the bike riding family.

Sea World

 D's preschool did a field trip to Sea World but the whole family got to go. It worked out so well and we were able to get all 6 of us in for less then $100! You can't beat that!
 Of course seeing Shamu was a highlight.
 We didn't stick together as a preschool for most of the day but we did see each other at the shows. 
The dolphin show was entertaining as well.
 I think the kids always enjoy the hands on things the best. (Notice how nice the weather was too.)
 Rays are so slimy the kids have to get use to the way they feel.
 The older kids went on a ride so D and I got to hang out with the polar bears. It was nice that the one stayed close to us for a long time. 
Sometimes it was hard to pull the kids away because they were so into watching what the animals were doing and were afraid to miss anything. It was such a fun day! I can't wait to do it again next year!!

Pinewood Derby

 B (and Big B) made the first of many pinewood derby cars that will be made in the Mathews house. It was made to look like a Green Bay Packers cheese head.
It was not the fastest but it held its own on the track.

Monday, January 28, 2013


 To start off Halloween we headed to Trader Joes for our pumpkins.
 We had our ward party. D strutting her stuff on the run way.
 Big B and I had a party and had to dress up. (Not our favorite thing.)
 Carving pumpkins. This year Big B pulled out the power tools. It made carving 4 pumpkins go much faster.
 D had a little party at school.
 She also got to wear her costume to her dance class.
 Then on Halloween day we had an alley pizza party. We made homemade root beer with dry ice. (B was not feeling good that day. We gave him medicine so he could still trick or treat.)
 Both of my brothers and their families came to trick or treat. Also my parents. We really live in the best place to gets lots of candy fast.
 This was my nieces first time trick or treating and it was so cute watching her figure it out.
 Everyone had a buddy to go around with which was nice because everyone had their own pace. We let the older ones go off on their own with walkie talkies.
A was a scary Harry Potter something, B was Harry Potter, C was Darth Vader, and D was Ariel.

A's First Swim Meet

 A started swimming when school started. She really loves it and has improved so much. I thought she would want to wait to start going to swim meets but she was ready to try one out.
 She still wasn't ready to dive off the block so she just went off the side.
 She did 3 races. 2 different lengths of freestyle,
 and 1 backstroke.
For her first meet and only swimming for a few months she did a really great job. Glad she has found something she really loves!

Field Trip to Irvine Park

 D had a preschool field trip to Irvine Park. With in the park they have a little zoo. For the small size and cost it's really a good zoo. The kids loved the goats.
 They weren't afraid to pet them or feed them.
 After the zoo we headed to the pumpkin patch. They had a maze that the kids loved running through.
 They also had lots of cute picture spots.
 D has a great time with Tate.
 We could have stayed there for so long with all the fun things there were to do.
There was even a little haunted house. The kids thought they were so brave. I really like doing co-op preschool so we can do things like this!

Miss D Pics

 Since I'm home with D more then the other kids I guess I take the most picture of her. So I have lots of random picture of her. She loves riding her bike to school.
 We did a family walk and of course she wanted to be like the older kids and ride a scooter.
 D has playgroup every week with a group of six 3 year olds. They have so much fun together.
 Fabric shopping with mom, grandma and an aunt.
 Getting ready for Halloween.
A even got in on the decorating.

Girls Night Out

 These ladies use to all live on my street. Two of them have moved away but not far. We get together for each others birthdays.
Great neighbors/friends make such a difference in where you live!! Love our nights out!

Fire Station Open House

 Our local fire department had an open house and we decided to go check it out. We got a tour of the fire house and got to see the different trucks. Just as we were finishing up they got a call and had to leave. That was pretty exciting!
 All the kids got to try the hose. It was to bad they couldn't use the fire pole. 

They had a good time checking everything out.